This £12 bestselling hairdryer on Amazon is winning rave reviews from shoppers with joint pains

A hairdryer is something most of us will use every time we wash our hair, but finding a great one that won't break the bank isn't an easy task.

Many, like the Dyson hairdryer, can be very expensive, if you're looking for quality.

But we may have managed to stumble upon one that's very reasonably priced for how good it is - if the reviews are to be believed it could be one of the best hair dryers on the market at the moment.

The Remington Power Dry Lightweight Hair Dryer has made its way to the top of Amazon's styling tools best-seller lists, and for good reason it seems.

The 2000 W dryer is on sale for just £11.99, so it really couldn't be any easier on your purse strings.

But far from affordable meaning not actually that great, many customers who have already bought the mid-size hairdryer were left delighted with its results.

In fact, lots of shoppers are praising the dryer for being brilliantly lightweight, and so perfect for people struggling with joint pain and/or arthritis.

One commented, 'Pleased as needed a lighter hairdryer as my joints are very bad and the big ones too heavy for me to keep up in the air whilst blowdrying my hair. So was worried if one of these small one's would be strong enough as my professional one but it is and its nice and light and does the job great.'

While another said, 'I have very long, very thick hair so needed something powerful but lightweight. Drying all my hair is a tiring chore with a heavy dryer.....This is great!! Small but mighty and light of weight and dried my hair in under 10 minutes!!! Impressive 😁'

And a third wrote, 'This one is very lightweight & has enough power to ensure my mother in law can dry her hair quickly without any issues with her arthritic hand. The price of the product was amazing & as mother in law is extremely happy, that makes me extremely happy.'

In fact, almost 70% of the 2,900 Amazon reviews gave the hairdryer five stars!

The functions of dryer appear to be pretty simple, with three heat settings and two power settings, plus an eco setting, and a cool button to help you set your hairstyle.

But what else do you need, and for such an affordable price?

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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