Travel before or after kids – which is better?

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  • New research reveals many parents have travel regrets, but is it really better to travel before you have kids?

    A study by Meraki Travel has revealed that 50% of parents regret not travelling more before they had children. Plus, 37% of UK parents believe that certain travel destinations and activities are best experienced under the age of 40.

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    But we’d be inclined to disagree. Holidaying lots before you have kids is all well and good, but travel later in life can be equally – if not more – rewarding.

    Once the kids have flown the nest, you’ve got more freedom to explore the world without the tether of family life. Plus, with a (hopefully) dwindling mortgage and the prospect of retirement, post-kids travel is actually far simpler.

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    You can save money by travelling off-season, and avoid the school holidays to escape the crowds.

    Australia, India and Japan were among the top destinations picked by those wishing to travel before settling down into family life. But there’s nothing to stop the empty nesters enjoying a holiday in these countries too – in fact, they’re hugely popular mong the over 40s traveller.

    Riviera Travel, for example, runs incredible escorted tours through Japan, and offers amazing three-week-long adventures in Australia. Plus, movies like the Exotic Marigold Hotel are proof that India is a spectacular destination for mature travellers (read about our mother-daughter adventure here).

    And if you still need more convincing, we’ve got tonnes of ideas for over-60s travel here.

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