This is the cheapest day to book your package holiday, according to an expert

Read this before you book!

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It’s likely you’re planning your 2020 holidays already, and if that’s the case, a travel insider has revealed the cheapest date to book a package holiday.

A travel insider who used to work at Thomas Cook says there’s one day of the week that could save you money when it comes to booking a package holiday, and the reason behind this actually makes a lot of sense.

During a panel organised by international travel money specialists Equals, the former Thomas Cook insider explained, “Booking a holiday on a Monday can sometimes help you get a better deal, as prices are sometimes dropped to try and entice customers who’ve had quotes at the weekend but not completed a booking.”

Booking a package holiday might seem easier at the weekend, especially if you work during the week. It gives you more time to research and discuss with anyone who might be accompanying you to make sure you've taken everything into considersation.

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package holiday

But unfortunately it’s not the cheapest time to do it, and if you wait until Monday, you could actually bag yourself a beach cheaper deal and give you more spending money once you’re there.

This insider advice only applies to all-in-one deals, where you’d book your hotel and flights through the same company. If you’re only booking flights, the insider had some different advice.

They said, “When it comes to flights, Tuesday or Wednesday is usually the cheapest day for scheduled flights. As a general rule, you’ll usually get a better price on mid-week options as prices are hiked for weekends.”

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Happy travels!

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