Customers left outraged as new Eurostar rules limit alcohol they can bring on board


Eurostar has put limits on the amount of alcohol their customers can bring on board their trains, posting the new rules on their website.

Previously, customers travelling to the likes of Paris, Lille or Brussels were free to bring back unlimited bottles of French red wine, or Belgian beers.

But now, travellers are allowed to bring just one bottle of wine with them, or, four bottles of beer. Spirits on the other hand are completely banned, and will not be permitted on Eurostar trains any more.

If customers want to bring back more than the allowance however, Eurostar has pointed out that they can use their registered luggage service, which costs £30 per item.

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However, if you're off on a trip, rest assured that you can still purchase alcohol on board, for a pre-holiday tipple.

Eurostar explain that they have implemented the new restrictions in order to "make sure everyone's safe, happy and healthy".

They continued, "If you behave in an antisocial way which ruins the journey for other passengers or break any laws or by-laws, we might ask you to leave the train at the nearest station."

However, it seems many passengers are unhappy with the new rules, taking to social media to air their thoughts on the strict policy.

One said, 'Sometimes it seems like Eurostar think "what people want is an experience more like flying" and pick all the bad things about the latter... '

While another wrote, 'This is completely unnecessary. Eurostar is a TRAIN not a plane.' A third also said, 'Well thats us never using @Eurostar @EurostarUK again. Always buy a bottle of wine, cheese and bread for the train home.'

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As a fourth traveller said, 'One of the best things about Eurostar is the sound of popping corks as people celebrate their wedding anniversaries! And being able to return with French wine! This sucks.'

Eurostar have also clarified their stance on alcohol on board night trains, revealing on their website that on night trains or trains carrying passengers to or from a sports event, no alcohol is permitted on board, nor will any be sold.

They said, "This policy helps us make sure that everyone can enjoy a relaxed ambiance on board and that everyone arrives bright-eyed, fresh-faced and set for their holiday."

So what do you think of the new Eurostar alcohol policy?

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