Wondering how to keep your dog cool in the heatwave? This hack could be for you

A new hack that shows how to keep your dog cool is the perfect trick for the summer and can help protect your pets during this heatwave

how to keep your dog cool
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A number of pet owners are wondering how to keep their dogs cool this heatwave, and one TikTok hack promises to keep your pets hydrated during the hot weather.

As dogs don't sweat and can only regulate their temperature by staying cool, hydrated, and panting, it is important to make sure that your pet is drinking enough water. However, for some dogs, this can be a bit of a struggle.

However, a new hack on TikTok shows that by adding just a drop of milk to water, your dog will be intrigued by the white shape and start drinking from the bowl out of curiosity. 


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This hack has now gone viral and fans are delighted with this quick and easy trick that can encourage their dogs to drink more water. 

Although many dogs are lactose intolerant, this hack only requires a small amount of milk and can be replaced with any milk substitute or liquid which is denser than water and will make an interesting shape in the water bowl.

Head Vet, Nicholas Walton from Vet’s Klinic in Swindon commented, "A drop of milk will be fine as long as the dog isn't lactose intolerant but it’s unlikely to make much difference." The Head Vet added that chicken stock is another great alternative that could interest your pooch in drinking some more water.


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There are also a number of other tips that can help you to ensure your dogs safety during a heatwave. Dr. Samantha Butler-Davies, Veterinary Clinical Services Manager at Vets4Pets has given some pointers to help keep your dog safe. 

1. Only walk when it’s cooler outside

Experts remind pet owners that while a lot of dogs enjoy their walks, it is dangerous at this time of year and it's much safer to try and mentally stimulate your dog at home in the shade.

"Remember, if you find it hot outside, it’s too warm for your pooch! On particularly hot days, only walk in the early morning or late evening and don’t be afraid to skip the stroll for some indoor fun," said the expert. "There are lots of ways to entertain your pet at home such as interactive games and puzzles that stimulate them physically and mentally."


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2. Keep them hydrated

Hydration is important for pets in the summer. Dr. Samantha says, "It’s important to make sure your pet’s water bowls or bottles are always topped up with fresh, clean water."

The expert added that ice cubes are another fun way to keep your dog cool, "Many dogs also love munching on ice cubes and they are great for keeping pets hydrated so try popping one in their water bowl if it gets really hot. Always make sure the ice cube is an appropriate size for the size of your dog and supervise them while they’re enjoying their treat."

"You could also consider freezing one of their favorite treats inside a toy which will keep them entertained for a good amount of time too," said the expert.

3.Look after their paws

Making sure your dog doesn't get burnt paws is another top priority for pet owners. "Surfaces like concrete, sand and asphalt can absorb a lot of heat on sunny days and can easily burn your pet’s paws, causing blistering and pain," said Dr. Butler-Davies.

"You should check the surface temperature with the back of your hand before letting them wander around, and on really hot days it’s best to stick to grass or shaded areas where it’s much cooler. Grass has cooling properties that mean it will always feel slightly cooler, whether it’s in the sun or shade," concluded the expert.


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4. Get them a cooling mat

Keeping your dog cool with a cooling mat is another great idea, and a solid investment you can use every summer. "Hot nights can make it hard to sleep, but a gel-filled cooling mat can make your pet’s life a lot more comfortable. It’ll keep their bed cool when they’re trying to rest and is great for taking out on hot days too, preventing overheating and offering some soothing relief from the warm weather," said the expert.

If you want to go for a cheaper option, a towel covered in water and popped into the freezer is another cheap and quick way to cool down your pet. While a gel mat requires less work from the owner, a frozen towel can also provide some relief for your pet.

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