Why this year's Bonfire Night is going to be so much worse for dogs—be prepared!

Bonfire night this year will be so much worse for this simple reason

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Bonfire Night is always difficult for pets who get frightened by loud noises, and this year is going to be particularly challenging for a lot of them.

From buying them Christmas jumpers for dogs to finding the perfect Christmas gifts for dogs, we are always looking for cute ways to involve our furry friends in festive celebrations. However, when it comes to Bonfire night, more often than not, our furry friends want to be involved in the festivities as little as possible. 

The noise of fireworks, parties, and funfairs are a nightmare for scared dogs who are frightened by loud and unexplained noises. And this year will be particularly challenging for some of them.


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This year will be a lot worse for many pets who have yet to experience such loud and raucous events. 

Due to the pandemic, many pets have yet to experience Bonfire night or even fireworks, as many celebrations such as New Year's Eve parties, were kept to a minimum because of legal restrictions concerning COVID-19.

But this year, as restrictions are lifted across the UK, pets will have to face the realities of Bonfire night festivities. This will be hard not just for the pandemic puppies who have yet to experience this celebration, but also for older dogs who have become more accustomed to a relaxed way of life in the last 18 months when their owners have been at home.

What can you do to help your dog stay safe during Bonfire Night?

Keep your pet indoors, and if they need to go outside keep them on a lead. Statistics show that the number of dogs that run away from home doubles during the Bonfire night weekend. 

To minimize the chance of your dog running away, keep them safely inside and keep the windows and doors shut so the loud noises are kept to a minimum. Similarly, keep the curtains drawn so that they are not confused by the lights in the sky.

Bonfire Night

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Stay with your dog. Dogs will often look to their owner for protection and having you by their side will make them feel comforted and protected. If this is not possible, then ensure that they are surrounded by familiar sounds of the television and radio that can help drown out the loud bangs of the festivities.

Ensuring that your dog is tired is also a good idea and taking them on a long walk during the day means that can settle in for a long night's sleep. 

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