Weekly horoscope: Monday 1st March - Sunday 7th March 2021

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Read your weekly horoscope from expert astrologer Sally Morgan, and discover what's in store for the week ahead...

Our weekly horoscope will help you plan your next seven days with our astrological updates. Our resident world-class psychic astrologer forecasts for every star sign on love, family, career and more. So check back weekly for our free forecast!

Weekly horoscope, Monday 1st March - Sunday 7th March 2021

Weekly Horoscope: Aries


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Ever thought of hosting a virtual comedy event? I’m certain you have a few jokes and funny stories up your sleeve to entertain your friends with this weekend.

Weekly Horoscope: Taurus

Weekly Horoscope Taurus Star Sign

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Are you looking to learn a new, stimulating skill? As you are an Earth sign, why not try gardening, sculpture, pottery or impress your partner with exotic cuisine.

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini

Weekly Horoscope: Gemini star sign

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Thinking about your plans, you are feeling inspired. If your goal is a new career or creative idea, choose something involving caring and nurturing others.

Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer horoscope

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Be adventurous – take the lead and try not to get thrown off course. Try to get things started as you have enough ideas to keep you busy for a while.

Weekly Horoscope: Leo

Weekly Horoscope: Leo star sign

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Think healthy thoughts, change your lifestyle or try a new style of cookery. At a visit to your local health store, you will find vitamins to improve your fitness.

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: Virgo star sign

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Find that musical instrument you’ve hidden away and give it a go. Always patient and determined, now’s the time to fine-tune talents and show them to the world.

Weekly Horoscope: Libra

Weekly Horoscope: libra star sign

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Boost your self-love,have faith in others and let them be self-sufficient. You don’t have to be responsible for everyone – focus on yourself and your family.

Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio


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People are jealous when they see failings within themselves or you have something they want. Guard everything closely. You will know who to avoid.

Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius

sagittarius star

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Make sure you speak up if a relationship isn’t working. With a bit of negotiating on both sides, you could come out of it feeling on top of the world.

Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope: capricorn star sign

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You have decided to make some changes, looking into moving house or thinking about travelling. A close friend shows an unexpected romantic interest in you.

Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope

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Intuitive and giving, you’re always there for others. A friend will arrive on your doorstep and you’ll offer them some help. There’s news of an exciting business venture.

Weekly Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces horoscope

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Find ways to distract yourself as others try to place restrictions on you. You’re sensitive, and could give up on an idea when someone close criticises it. Believe in yourself.

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