This is what Dr. Hilary wants you to remember if you want to live to 100

Dr. Hilary has revealed a golden rule to follow if you want to live to 100

Dr Hilary
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Thinking living to 100 is only for royalty? Think again. 

The UK has seen a steady rise in its centenarian population in recent years, with over 13,000 people celebrating the milestone birthday in 2019. While the idea of blowing out 100 candles once seemed like a fairytale notion, it is fast becoming an attainable reality for many Brits. 

If you’re wondering how you too can reach the veteran age, we’ve got some expert insight to keep you on track. Dr. Hilary Jones has revealed some of his top tips on securing a long life expectancy - and they’re not as difficult to follow as you might think. 

In his partnership with the quarterly magazine, Live to 100, the GP and media personality shares his best advice on bullet-proofing your health to avoid premature death. 

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His first rule is simple, but shamefully broken by many of us - have regular medical check-ups. 

“One of the reasons preventive health checks are so important is because so many diseases are asymptomatic for such a long time,” he says. Early detection of illness is crucial, as it allows intervention before the condition becomes accelerated or even untreatable.

Secondly, it’s important to talk if you’re feeling stressed. It’s like exercise for our minds, helping us to sweat out our worries through our mouths rather than our pores. 

“It would also help if we resolved to take a greater interest in mental health and help people talk about their worries and concerns,” he adds. 

Poor mental health has been linked to higher rates of morbidity in multiple studies, making it a direct contributor to early death. 

Of course, Dr. Hilary is also an advocate of the golden combo to a longer life - diet and exercise. “Generally, the population needs to eat less, eat healthier, exercise more, and achieve a good nutritional balance in everything they put on their plate,” he said. 

In short, there’s no magic pill to living to 100, but there are certainly a few tried and tested steps to maximize your chances. 

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