This is how Sarah Ferguson won over Prince Philip and the royal family

How Sarah Ferguson managed to win over the royal family

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip
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Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip had a fairly frosty relationship when they first met, so how did Fergie manage to win him over?

• A new documentary has revealed how Sarah Ferguson managed to win over the royal family
• The documentary was released on Channel 5 and is titled "When Fergie Met the Monarchy"
• This comes after the royal news that Prince Harry reportedly 'wants to be there' for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations after stepping down as a working royal

When Prince Andrew first got together with Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, in the 1980s, the royal family was uncertain about Fergie’s suitability for their son Andrew. However, a new documentary has revealed that the Duchess’ commitment won over the royal family to the royal family.

"When Fergie Met the Monarchy" aired on Saturday 6 Feb 2021, at 9 pm. The documentary was described by Channel 5 as, “A look at the ripples caused when Sarah Ferguson became a Windsor. Prince Andrew married family friend Sarah Ferguson, but the joining of their two families came with obstacles.”

During this broadcast, it was revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh and Fergie didn’t always have a very warm relationship, but her commitment to fit in with the royal family’s values won him over. The narrator of the documentary, Samantha Bond, stated, "Despite the less-than-royal first impressions, Fergie set about winning over the Windsors by appealing to their interests."

Tom Quinn, a royal biographer, states, "She was someone who really threw herself into the pursuit of the Royal Family values. For example, she learned to drive four in hand, carriage driving, the thing Prince Philip at the time absolutely loved.” A “four in hand” is any vehicle, most likely a carriage, that is drawn by four horses and driven by one person.

The biographer went on to say that the Duke of Edinburgh was particularly impressed with Sarah’s expertise on the four in hand. "She was pretty good at it, and Philip thought this was extraordinary," said Tom Quinn.

It was also revealed that Sarah Ferguson’s interest in horse riding was a big hit with the royal family, known for their love of equestrian sports. 

Sarah Ferguson

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Journalist Richard Kay also said Sarah Ferguson, "Learned to ride at a very young age and Her Majesty loves horses, and she liked to ride. The fact that Sarah could accompany her on horseback was another huge plus."

Despite the warm reception, the relationship between Sarah Ferguson and the royals went sour after her affair hit the tabloids. 

Tom Quinn, a royal biographer, revealed, “Apparently Prince Philip came into the breakfast room, picked up one of the papers and just threw it in front of her and walked out.” He continued to say, “famously, Sarah sent flowers to Princess Margaret, who sent them back with a note saying, ‘You’re an absolute disgrace to the family.'"

Although there was some bad blood between Sarah and the royal family, she still resides on her ex-husband’s estate in Windsor, The Royal Lodge, and has retained her royal title as the Duchess of York. 

The divorced couple also shares a 14-day old grandson named August Phillip, who was born two weeks ago. The palace confirmed Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew's daughter Princess Eugenie, gave birth at The Portland Hospital at 08:55 am on 9 February 2021.

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