The three ways Beyonce could make history at the Grammys

Queen Bey could make history this weekend at the Grammy Awards

Beyonce at the Grammys
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The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards is taking place this Sunday, March 14th, 2021. Beyonce has been nominated in different categories and could be making award show history in three different ways if she wins.

Beyonce has been nominated for a total of nine Grammy awards in eight different categories. She has two songs nominated for record of the year, her own song Black Parade, and Megan Thee Stallion's song, "Savage," on which she's a feature.

But if things go her way on Sunday, Beyonce could be breaking some very impressive records and truly smashing that glass ceiling for us ladies. So what are the records she will break? According to Newsweek, there are three main records for the artist to smash...

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Woman with the Most Grammys

If Beyonce wins just four of the nine awards that she has been nominated for on Sunday, she will become the woman with the most Grammy wins in the award shows history. 

Currently, the woman with the most Grammy Award wins is country singer Alison Krauss who has 27 trophies. Beyonce currently has 24 and needs to cinch another 4 to beat Alison’s record. 

Considering she needs to win less than half of the awards that she has been nominated for, Beyonce could have a real possibility. 

Living Musician with the Most Grammys

If Beyonce wins five out of the nine nominations, she will then become the only living musician with that many awards. The living person with the most Grammy awards is currently Quincy Jones. 

Quincy has 28 Grammy awards at present, so Beyonce would need to secure 5 awards this Sunday to bring her total up to 29 and knock Quincy off his post. Quincy’s most recent win was in 2019, when he won an award in the Best Music Film category. 

Quincy Jones’s career spans nearly 70 years, and he is currently 87 years old. He will turn 88 this Sunday on the same day as the awards - so Beyonce’s win might just ruin his birthday!

Artist with the most Grammys of All-Time

On Sunday, Beyonce could become the artist with the most Grammy award wins of all-time. 

If she wins 8 of the 9 awards that she has been nominated for, she could beat Georg Solti, who currently holds the most Grammy awards, with 31 wins to his name. 

Georg, the famous British conductor, died in 1997 and still holds the records for most Grammy wins. If Beyonce won 8 awards, she would then have 32, meaning that she would be the most highly decorated award winner, regardless of gender and including anyone deceased. 

Beyonce would have to sweep the awards this Sunday, but can it be done? 

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