The other major character who won't be returning to Sex and the City

It's not just Kim Cattrall who's out of the picture...

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It looks like Samantha isn’t the only character who’ll be written out of the Sex and the City reboot - Mr. Big has also reportedly been scrapped from the script. 

Chris Noth, who played John James ‘Mr. Big’ Preston, in both the TV series and its two films, will not return for the HBO show’s revival, And Just Like That. 

According to Page Six, Carrie Bradshaw’s longtime love interest has not been recast for the 10 episode reboot, leaving its writers with the hefty task of explaining his absence to fans. 

Mr. Big was first introduced to viewers in the Sex and the City pilot, back in 1998. The business tycoon was known for his romantic relationship with the show’s protagonist Carrie, which was largely shaped by his prevailing fear of commitment. 

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The couple exchanged their wedding vows in the first Sex and the City movie in 2008, only to find themselves struggling to understand each other’s differences in the 2010 sequel. The second film culminated in Carrie and Mr. Big reaching a compromise in their relationship, leaving viewers with the impression that the pair had finally matured and were now on the path to a happily married life. 

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker star in "Sex And The City" ("The Man, The Myth, The Viagra" episode)

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It remains unclear how Sex and the City will write Mr. Big out of the reboot, but if former plot twists are anything to go by, it could be a dramatic erasure. 

Chris’s character was reportedly going to be killed off in the third movie, from a heart attack in the shower in an early scene. While the film never made it to production, its script details have revealed what the Sex and the City bosses had in mind for Mr. Big’s fate. 

Chris revealed his take on his character’s death in 2018, as well as some harsh criticism on the franchise’s second movie. 

“I heard it was a really superior script, probably from having learned from...not the first two, but at least the second one,” he said. “I really hate corny stuff - and it could be because I’m a little bit of a cynic - like the whole thing at the end of the movie in the shoe closet? Hated it.” 

Page Six also reported that David Eigenberg, who plays Miranda’s husband Steve, will not be returning in the reboot. Like Mr. Big, his whereabouts must be addressed by the show’s writers. Steve and Miranda were last seen at the end of the second Sex and the City movie, still married and raising their young son Brady. 

A release date And Just Like That has yet to be announced, but production is reportedly scheduled to commence in New York City this spring. 

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