The life-sized playhouse at the Royal Lodge in Windsor that the Queen’s great-grandchildren will play in – see pictures

The perfect playhouse for all nine of the Queen’s great-grandchildren

The Queen's great Grandchildren
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• The Queen has a life-sized playhouse at her residence, the Royal Lodge in Windsor • All nine of the Queen’s young great-grandchildren will be able to play at this playhouse
• This comes after the royal news Prince Harry and Meghan confirm that they are never coming back to the Royal Family.

The Queen's numerous great-grandchildren will be able to play at her amazing life-sized Wendy House at her royal Windsor residence.

The Queen is now the great-grandmother to nine grandchildren, since the birth of Princess Eugenie’s son, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, on 9th February. 

The Queen also has her tenth and eleventh great-grandchildren on the way. Prince Harry has announced that his wife Meghan is pregnant with their second child and Zara Tindall is currently pregnant with her third child. 

The Queens playhouse

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All of the Queen’s great-grandchildren will have the perfect place to play when they come to visit the Royal Lodge in Windsor as there is a life-sized playhouse in the garden that has both running water and electricity.

The mini-home was a gift for Queen Elizabeth II on her sixth birthday in 1932. The miniature thatched cottage was a gift from the people of Wales and is called ‘Y Bwthyn Bach’, which translates to ‘The Little House’. 

The Queen and her sister, Princess Margaret, cared for the little house in their childhood, and the house is still used today by young royals.

Princess Beatrice remodeled the home in 2012 and touched up the thatched roof and wiring, among other things. According to the princess, the Queen was very clear about how she wanted to refurbishment to look. Princess Beatrice revealed, “Granny was very clear that for all the fabric she wanted very little designs” and that it’s “such a little house that she wanted little flowers and patterns. It’s beautiful.”

The Queens Playhouse

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In a 2012 BBC documentary called “Our Diamond Queen” which marked the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Princess Beatrice took a camera crew inside the recently refurbished home in the royal grounds. The Princess referred to the home as a “treat” and revealed that she spent a lot of time playing with her cousins in “the most glamorous Wendy house ever.”

In 2012 Beatrice said, “Granny’s a great-grandmother now so we can have Savannah come and play here too.” Of course, now in 2021, the Queen has far more great-grandchildren and the legacy of ‘Y Bwythn Bach’ will continue.

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