The First Family's code names revealed

The eagle has landed!

Jill and Joe Biden
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We all know that Presidential families are granted code names by the secret service to discuss their movements safely. But what are the code names of the new POTUS and his family?

Yesterday, the 46th President of the United States was inaugurated. Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, became the leaders of the First Family. 

A lot of things will change for the family as they step into these important roles, though it's likely nothing they aren't used to from Biden's time serving as Vice President. One fun perk of the job? They will all be given a new secret name from the Secret Service. 

It’s unlikely that the Secret Service will go for crazy names, but then again, some of the choices made by former Presidents are quite bizarre. 

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From a long list given to him by the Secret Service, Donald Trump picked a code name that pretty much nailed his view of himself: Mogul. Trump was a Mogul, and his wife Melania was Muse. These names fed into the couple’s high opinion of themselves and managed to fan their egos with a single word.

Ivanka chose Marvel — and we’re guessing she didn’t mean Iron Man, Captain America, or anyone from the comic book crew. Donald Trump Jr. went for Mountaineer, and Eric Trump went for Marksman. Jared Kushner went a bit of a different route with Mechanic. 

Trump family

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The Obama’s went for a more fun approach. Barack chose the codename Renegade, which according to Vanity Fair, is because Obama is a big Keifer Sutherland fan and this codename was an homage to his 1989 movie of the same name.

Michelle Obama went for a classy choice and chose a classic period in art, Renaissance. Their children, Malia and Sasha, who were 10 and 7 respectively when their father became President, were given the code names Radiance and Rosebud.

George W. Bush and his family went for exciting choices with their names. George was Tumbler and later Trailblazer, Laura was Tempo’ Barbara was Turquoise, and Jenna was Twinkle (which is adorable). 

Former Presidents Bush, Obama and Clinton

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Bill Clinton probably cinched the coolest code name by snagging Eagle. His wife Hilary went for the far more demure Evergreen and his daughter Chelsea went for a rogue choice with Energy (hey, it was the '90s).

So what did Biden choose for his code name? Underwhelmingly the President went for Celtic. It’s not Eagle or Trailblazer, but much like our President, it’s a humble choice that could be a reference to his family, who originally came from Ireland. 

Dr. Jill Biden has picked the code name Capri, which is cute and probably isn’t a reference to Capri pants or Capri-suns. 

Kamala Harris has also chosen the bold code name of Pioneer. As the first Black-Asian, woman vice president, she is already living up to her codename. 

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