So, you want to host a Oscars party this year. Here’s how to plan a swanky soirée that your guests will never forget

Be the grand dame of entertainment with a fabulous Oscars party at home. Don't know where to begin? Follow our lead to get started

Oscars Party
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A legendary tribute to cinema, the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony is slated to be the biggest night in Hollywood prompting viewers to host a swanky soiree of their own. Here's how to host an Oscars party for the books.

The Oscars has captivated audiences since the black-and-white television days of yore. The highly-anticipated telecast not only lionizes artistic and technical merit in the film industry; it's a display of cultural zeitgeist and glamour, establishing its influence in nearly every facet of society. And naturally, the event has spun off Oscars parties across households.

If you're eager to organize a celebration from your humble abode, you've arrived at the right destination. As journalists, we've made it our mission to keep you informed; and yes, that includes helping our readers host the perfect shindig. With our insights, you'll create an experience that'll leave an indelible mark on guests. 


Pick Your Theme Colors and Stock Up On Decorations

Be it a large soiree or an intimate gathering, it's imperative to brainstorm a theme, which will set the framework for how you shop for decorations, party favors, cocktail napkins, etc. After the year we've all had, don't play it safe. Be bold, and draw inspiration from old Hollywood glamour with a cream, gold, and black color story. Then, furnish your rooms in elegant red party and film essentials, like balloons, signage, and more.

Themed Attire

Set A Dress Code

Forgo sweats and loungewear. Set a concrete fashion formula that emulates old Hollywood's glitz and glam. Think sequins and iridescent gowns, tops, pants, and skirts. Finish your outfit with shiny hair clips and barrettes, plus a smokey eye makeup kit to honor Elizabeth Taylor and her ilk. Don't forget your most dramatic faux lashes and pigmented matte lipstick to truly embody the era. If you don't want heels, no problem: There are plenty of best shoes for flat feet on the market (and you'll still look dashing).

Need a dress? We've scoured the internet for chic options that you'll want to wear all year round.

Table Arrangement

Create A Gilded Table

Your table is the main centerpiece for your Oscars party. It's the central location where guests can gather, wine and dine, and discuss theories on who's winning what. Adorn yours in an array of star cutouts, film-themed utensils, and Hollywood table-toppers finished off with a sequin gold table runner. You may even want to add some of the best candles to create an aromatic, olfactory oasis. With a carefully curated table, you'll be the belle of the ball, the Hostess with the Mostess, and the favorite among your friend group.


Make sure you have enough glasses

Champagne toasts, anyone? Obviously, especially at your Oscars party. Make sure each guest is accompanied by flowing booze in a sleek and sophisticated glass. For versatile use and styling, you'll want your glasses to be considerably uniform and subdued. After all, you'll be using your glassware more than once — that is, if you plan to entertain and host more soirees in the future.


Prepare The Hors d'oeuvres

A ravenous party is a failed one. Satisfy your guests' hunger pangs with a variety of treats, appetizers, and delectable finger foods. It's important to immerse guests in a memorable culinary experience — and that begins with knowing how to prepare meals and having the proper serving dishes on deck.


Bring Out The Games

Entertainment transcends beyond alcoholic beverages, flavorful snacks, and fancy 'fits. When the night peaks, introduce games to keep guests engaged at every hour — even when the host's jokes become blasé. But before investing in another iteration of Monopoly, you'll want to check out some Oscars-themed games that are more fun and affordable.


Set up a photobooth for Instaworthy moments

Let's be candid here for a moment: Everything is now for the #Gram, so it's crucial to provide guests with the opportunity to capture (and seize) the moment. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality tools for creating party keepsakes; and your guests will thank you tremendously. Say cheese!

Goodie Bags

Don't forget goodie bags

The soiree doesn't have to end when the Oscars do at 11:30 p.m. Give each guest a thoughtful goodie bag as a token of appreciation. Fill yours to the brim with candy and treats, on-theme tchotchkes, and other fun gizmos. You'll want to start with durable boxes to house your party favors. Then, get creative with the presents.

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