Why 'the whole mood changed' for Princess Anne during moment captured for eternity

A painter who has interacted with many members of the Royal Family has opened up on her interesting session painting Princess Anne

Princess Anne's portrait
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The charming story behind Princess Anne's portrait has been revealed by the painter, Nicky Philipps.

In an interview with The Times, painter Nicky Philipps who has painted the royals on many occasions shared some stories about her times with some of the key members of the Royal Family.

Recalling one incident, the artist revealed that she sat with Princess Anne on the hottest day of the year back in 2019. Nicky recalled that it was a 'horrendous time' as the Princess was draped in a mink collar and heavy robes and was forced to sit for ages while a disaster unfolded.

Nicky revealed to The Times that she had forgotten her paints and sent someone to travel across London to collect them. Although the Princess Royal was unaware of this problem, she was still frustrated about having to sit patiently in the heat, “Of course, she was in a fury having to do all of this," said Nicky. 

However, the 'mood changed' immediately when the drama became evident when a doorman delivered the paints to the room. Nicky said, "The whole mood changed. She was so happy that there had been this near catastrophe. She became giggly and sweet and back to her old self. They do love it when there’s drama. I loved painting her."

Of course, we'd expect nothing less from the Princess Royal who has shown time and time again that she has a great sense of humour!

Princess Anne, Princess Royal looks on during a visit in New Zealand

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As well as painting Princess Anne's portrait, Nicky has painted many other members of the family, including Prince William and Prince Harry in a joint portrait. The artist recalled that the brothers were in good spirits during their portrait sitting and were quick to joke around with each other and the painter.

"They chatted and they joshed around and they were like any brothers. They teased each other, they teased me and we just had a good time," said Nicky. 

She then revealed that at some points the elder of the brothers acted in an almost fatherly way towards his younger brother and made sure that he looked his best for the portrait. "William was very fraternal, or almost paternal. He would help [Harry] do up his belt. I’m glad I have a happy and positive story about them. They finished each other’s sentences, which was rather sweet, or they would make a joke and then roar with laughter about it together. Certainly a lot has happened since," she concluded.

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