Why the Queen is featured on new 50p instead of King Charles - plus how to buy the new commemorative coin

The Queen is set to feature on a new coin celebrating the BBC, instead of the King's effigy which was only just unveiled by Royal Mint

The Queen is set to feature on a new coin celebrating the BBC, instead of the King's effigy which was only just unveiled by Royal Mint
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Instead of the King, Her Majesty, the Queen is set to feature on a new coin for a fifty pence piece commemorating the BBC’s centenary.

In celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the BBC's creation, the Royal Mint is releasing a new fifty-pence piece that will feature some art dedicated to the broadcaster. However, the coin's design was made and produced long before the Queen's death, meaning that the Queen is still featured on the back of the coin.

As the new monarch is King Charles III, this coin is now technically incorrect, as the current monarch should be featured on all new coins, which is one of the key things that will change following Queen Elizabeth II's death.

This will be the last ever mass-produced coin to feature the Queen's face, and soon only King Charles III will appear on the British currency. Explaining the decision to not reproduce the coin with the current monarch's face on it, the Royal Mint explained, "The packaging for the BBC 100th anniversary coin had been printed prior to the sad passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  In the interest of sustainability, we have chosen not to re-print the enclosed booklet to minimise any potential environmental impact."

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Rebecca Morgan, the Royal Mint’s director of collector services, spoke about the significance of this commemorative coin.

"Coins are miniature pieces of art which tell the stories of our nation,” said Rebecca. "We are delighted to be working with Britain’s leading national broadcaster to create a special 50p in recognition of their 100 years."

"An ever-present British institution for most people’s lives, the BBC has had a marked influence on our culture and broadcast some of the most extraordinary moments in British history," Rebecca then noted the Queen's appearance specifically, "with the obverse side of the coin featuring the effigy of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth, we do anticipate a high demand for these coins from collectors.”

How to buy the commorative coin

The 50p coin can be bought for £11 from the Royal Mint’s website. There are also a number of other types of coins in the same collection that can be bought at a variety of different price points.

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