Why sapphires are considered the most important gemstones of the Royal Family, from Kate Middleton's engagement ring to Queen Elizabeth II's £5m Victorian suite

Sapphires have held important symbolism in the Royal Family for centuries, with members wearing the blue stone as far back as medieval times

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Sapphire has long been a favorite jewel of the Royal Family, with countless members of the King's clan rocking the luxurious blue stone over the centuries. In honor of sapphire being the official birthstone of September, we thought we'd take a look at some of these aristocratic ladies' most stunning sapphire pieces.

It's no secret that the ladies of the Royal Family love a good sapphire, with everyone from Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie to Princess Anne and Queen Elizabeth II embracing the stunning birthstone as part of their individual styles. 

The precious gem has held important meaning for Britain's aristocratic clan for several centuries, having once been worn by its medieval kings to protect against evil spirits and enemy forces. Sapphire is also known for symbolizing abundance, blessings, and gifts – three privileges largely associated with the royals. "Truth, wealth, romance, and faithfulness" are other interpretations of the stunning blue stone, according to UK jewelry experts, Austen&Blake

Kate Middleton's engagement ring 

Perhaps one of the most iconic sapphires in the Royal Family's collection is Kate Middleton's engagement ring, which famously once belonged to Princess Diana.

The Princess of Wales has cherished the 12-carat oval sapphire ever since Prince William proposed to her in 2010 – so much so, that she is rarely spotted in public without the glittering blue rock.

It's been said that Kate did, however, have her sapphire ring altered before her wedding after its band kept "turning on her finger." According to the reports, rather than have it resized, the royal had "small platinum beads" attached to the bottom of the ring to make it fit more snugly – an addition that seems to have worked.


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Princess Eugenie's pink sapphire engagement ring

Princess Eugenie's rare lotus blossom sapphire engagement ring debuted itself to the world back in 2018, when the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Duchess Fergie confirmed her plans to marry boyfriend Jack Brooksbank.

Surrounded by diamonds and featuring the pink-tinted 'Padparadscha' sapphire, the stunning piece has been estimated to contain 3 or 4 carats at a hefty cost of between £7k and £10k. When asked on BBC's The One Show why he selected lotus blossom for his beloved fiancée, Brooksbank explained, "It changes color when it hits certain lights, much like Eugenie."


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Princess Anne’s engagement rings 

Princess Anne's two engagement rings share a key similarity – yep, they're both sapphires. The Princess Royal's first husband, Captain Mark Philips, proposed to her in 1973 with a sapphire and white diamond ring, while her second husband, Timothy Lawrence popped the question with a Cabochon (shaped and polished, rather than faceted) sapphire in 1992. The oval-shaped piece isn't exactly identical to its predecessor, however, boasting a slightly larger cluster than the ring from her first marriage. 

Princess Anne's first engagement ring from Captain Mark Philips is believed to have cost around £10k, while her second one has been given an estimated value of £25k. 

Princess Anne

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Queen Elizabeth II's sapphire collection

Queen Elizabeth II was known to have an impressive collection of sapphires, many of which she inherited from her ancestors. 

Her Majesty was adorned by the royal blue gems on multiple occasions throughout her 70-year-long reign, with her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017 often considered her most explicit celebration of the jewel. 

Some of the most famous sapphires in the late monarch's jewelry box include her Dubai Looped Sapphire Demi-Parure, her Sapphire Tiara, and her Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch. Her King George VI Victorian Suite, is, however, undoubtedly hailed as the standout attraction of her opulent collection.


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"Valued today at £5,000,000, the set consists of a necklace made up of oblong sapphires surrounded by round diamonds and collets, and a pair of square sapphire and diamond earrings," explains Austen&Blake. 

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