Why Prince Philip and daughter-in-law Sophie Wessex have a special connection

Prince Philip gets on well with Sophie Wessex because she offers a "healthy match" for the Queen's husband, according to an expert.

Prince Edward is the only one of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's children to have not had a marriage end in divorce.

And, it is thought his wife, the Countess of Wessex, is particularly liked by Prince Philip for that and many other reasons.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, has a wicked sense of humour - and Sophie seems a "healthy match" for her father-in-law, according to Judi James.

The body language expert tells Express.co.uk, "The royal bride who quietly lasted the course while the marriages of the other brides of her generation dissolved in tears and anguish, Sophie might just have become Philip’s favourite and not just because she is last bride standing.

"Sophie appears to be quietly firm, practical, professional and caring." And proved as much working tirelessly throughout lockdown to support charities up and down the country.

"Like [Princess] Anne she isn’t given to complaining or show-boating, she just gets on with the job," Judi says.

"She also appears to be a bit of a healthy match for her father-in law, showing none of the signs of either intimidation or a desire to impress him that other brides have shown."

As well as holding down a successful marriage to the Duke's son, Edward, she's not afraid to give a little bit back to Prince Philip - a trait he enjoys.

Judi explains, "She has clearly made a strong marriage to Philip’s ‘problem son’ who quit the marines for showbiz against his father’s wishes and she seems to take the same warm, no-nonsense approach to Philip.

"The pair often seem engrossed in conversation, often leaning together with a bend of the heads that suggests trust as well as like-minded thinking."

It comes after it was revealed that the Wessexes are the most likely royals to spend Christmas with the Queen this year.

The Queen and Prince Philip usually host extended Royal Family members atSandringham House over Christmas, butthis year their plans are likely to change due to the coronavirus pandemic and the new rule of six.

The Wessex family were the first family members to visit the Queen and Prince Philip at Balmoral this summer.

And given the fact that they are a family of four, they will be able to join the Queen and Prince Philip for Christmas without breaching the rule of six.

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