Why Kate Middleton disapproves of Prince William and Prince George's common interest

It's apparently caused some 'rivalry' in the Cambridge household

Why Kate disapproves of William and George's common interest
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Prince William has revealed the exciting interest he shares with Prince George - but sadly, it's unlikely to get the stamp of approval from Kate Middleton. 

Prince William has revealed the wholesome passion he shares with Prince George—and why it's likely to cause some 'rivalry' within the Kensington Palace household. 

The Duke of Cambridge confirmed which UK team his eldest son supports during a trip to Wales on Tuesday, bringing a merciful end to widespread speculation over the eight-year-old's sporting loyalties. 

With Kate Middleton replacing Prince Harry as patron of England rugby last month and William continuing to serve as the patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, George has had to make the tough decision of which British nation to cheer for at games. 


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His attendance at England's Six Nations match against Wales on Saturday didn't shed much light on the mystery, with his Polo Ralph Lauren navy and red coat giving little indication of any preference. 

Fortunately, it looks like the mystery has finally been solved. 

William let slip George's favorite team as he and Kate toured Pant Farm in the Welsh valleys yesterday, after making a cheeky passing comment on the Duchess's outfit. Kate temporarily abandoned her England patriotism for the rural engagement, wearing a green Sportmax coat and a red scarf as a nod to the colors of the country's flag, Y Ddraig Goch. 

Kate and William

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"She’s wearing a Welsh scarf today though,” William remarked to Pant Farm co-owner, Gary Yeomans. “It’s a good family rivalry.”

 “George is going to have to come on your side," the farmer replied. 

“Don’t worry, he’s already there," the Duke quipped, implying that the royal tot has inherited his father's allegiance to Wales—at least on the rugby pitch. 

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