We might know what treat Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed over Christmas - courtesy of this Hollywood superstar

William and Catherine are said to have been added to Tom Cruise’s legendary gift-giving list

Prince William and Kate Middleton received a special delivery from Hollywood, according to reports
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Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales might not have exchanged gifts with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this year, who now reside in California, but they still got a special Christmas delivery from Hollywood. It’s been reported that the royal couple have made it onto Tom Cruise’s nice list, receiving the cake he is famous for sending to all of his celebrity friends.

Tom Cruise is famous for having the need for speed when hopping into his Top Gun jets, but he’d have been hoping for similar speeds when delivering his Christmas gifts this year.

The trio hit it off when Tom came to town for the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick earlier this year, and he must’ve been so impressed by the pair that he’s now added them to his long list.

The Hollywood legend reportedly sent Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales the heartfelt cake he sends to all of his celebrity pals. This cake, sent direct from the family-run Doan's Bakery in Woodland Hills, California, has been talked about by famous recipients in the past.

Tom Cruise reportedly added the Prince and Princess of Wales to his gift list

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Tom sends out these delicious cakes every year to his friends and colleagues including Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Angela Bassett, James Corden, Kirsten Dunst, Cobie Smulders, Jimmy Fallon, and Rosie O'Donnell.

At the Top Gun: Maverick premiere in May 2022, Jon Hamm told Dish Nation, "I was on the list pre-Maverick, so I'm very happy," when he was asked about making the now iconic Tom Cruise Cake List.

Miles Teller also gushed, "The coconut cake is very good. I have one in my fridge right now."

In a 2019 interview with Cobie Smulders, Jimmy Fallon explained, "Tom Cruise will send you a cake during the holidays. Cobie said, “I leave it in my freezer and it lasts until, like, March. Like, I just slowly chip away at this thing. It's so good. I don't know why. I'm not even a big sweets person, but it's so good."

Tom Cruise hit it off with the royals while promoting Top Gun: Maverick

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The cake itself is a coconut bundt cake with chunks of white chocolate, plus layers of cheese frosting and toasted coconut flakes. Despite becoming known as *the* Tom Cruise cake, it’s actually been on the menu for this family run bakery since it first opened in 1984.

If Kate and William are tucking into the delicious treat this Christmas, they actually have Tom’s ex-wife Katie Holmes to thank.

It’s believed that it was Katie who sourced the bakery filming Mad Money, a movie with Diane Keaton.

Diane and Katie had a friendly competition to find the best cake to share with the cast and crew on set, and both ordered their favorites from bakeries. Tom had to select which one was best and went with Diane’s pick, which turned out to be the very one he now sends to fellow celebrities.

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