Wallis Simpson's stomach-churning breakfast revealed

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Wallis Simpson
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Wallis Simpson's breakfast routine has been resurfaced - and we truthfully wish we wouldn't have read about it. But we did, so now you have to, too. It's only polite. 

Everyone has different morning routines they like to indulge in to help get their days started. Usually, that of celebrities are quite fascinating and unique, whether they're in indulging in a 5 a.m. workout class, or starting their days with a sound bath - or, if you're Wallis Simpson, drinking the juice of raw meat. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 

We've heard of some interesting nutritional and health rituals, like drinking raw eggs, that are supposedly "good for you" - but Wallis Simpson's take on this concept is truly stomach-churning. 

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An article from the New Yorker recounts details from Wallis' book, The Heart Has Its Reasons - and we were specifically intrigued by the unearthed detail of her mom forcing her to consume what is quite the beverage. 

The article specifically recalls Wallis' "gothic" childhood, in which her mother, who was very strict, ruled her life after her father's death from tuberculosis. 

According to the article, the pressure and stress of being at Balmoral with King Edward VIII and the royal family was nothing compared to the painstaking rituals her mom had her indulge in while living in Baltimore, MD - such as drinking a "tumblerful" of juice from a "raw beefsteak" every day. 

Why would one do this, you might ask? According to Wallis' mother, it helped to "improve her constitution." 

We can't say we'd ever be willing to try such a thing to improve our own constitutions, but more power to her. 

As for some other members of the royal family, breakfast tends to be a bit more traditional. 

Queen Elizabeth II visits the British Airways headquarters

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As an example, the late Queen Elizabeth preferred a cup of hot tea and biscuits, followed by a bowl of cereal. This is a breakfast we can get behind. 

For King Charles and Camilla, the couple keeps a chicken coup at their Gloucestershire family home, so it's no surprise they love to apt for fresh eggs in the mornings. 

William and Kate, on the other hand, tend to take a more modern approach to their mornings compared to other royals who have more traditional morning meals. Kate specifically loves a smoothie to start off her day, blending together a combination of healthy ingredients including kale, spirulina (a type of algae), matcha (green tea leaves), spinach, romaine, cilantro (coriander leaves) and blueberries. 

We wonder if perhaps she would ever consider including Wallis' mother's suggestion to "improve her constitution" - not that Kate needs it, really. 

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