Wallis Simpson's astrologer predicted this eerily accurate outcome - long before she'd even met the Duke of Windsor

Wallis Simpson's eerily accurate prediction from astrologer revealed - and she's not the only royal who looked to the stars for guidance

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Wallis Simpson's astrologer made strangely accurate prediction about her fate - long before she's even met the Prince who changed his whole life for her. The controversial figure, who's often compared to Meghan Markle, isn't the only royal who looked to the stars for guidance.

Long before the drama of  Prince Harry's memoir Spare, another memoir about a royal rift shook the Royal Family. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, in terms of this generation and the past, you may think these stories are like romantic fairytales or perhaps frightful chapters best forgotten.

Though King Charles and the Duke of Windsor had a close personal relationship, Wallis was never accepted by The Firm. She polarized the public's opinion and was often scapegoated for her husband's abdication - despite it being his own decision.

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Per Lauren Collins' The Other Royal Blockbuster Memoir, published in The New Yorker, Wallis spoke to an astrologer around the time of the dissolution of her first marriage to a Navy lieutenant named Earl Winfield Spencer, Jr. 

Looking to her stars, the astrologer foretold an epic tale of a woman destined for fame and fortune - with bumps along the way. This tale turned out to be a fairly accurate depiction of the Duchess' life.

“You will lead a woman’s life, marrying, divorcing, marrying again, with several serious emotional crises," predicted the astrologer. "The power that is to come to you will be related to a man.”

We've already done a deep dive into the bizarre connection between the Royal Family and eclipses - births, drama, deaths, tragedy - but did you know that their connection to astrology runs even deeper?

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It turns out that Princess Margaret helped invent horoscopes and Princess Diana famously reached out to astrologers for support, including one of the experts responsible for our weekly horoscope, Penny Thornton. 

Thornton, who worked with Diana for six years, detailed two strangely prophetic dreams in her 1994 book - With Love from Diana.

The book, which was published three years before the Princess' untimely death in Paris, included dreams she had a month apart in 1989. Although the astrologer told Diana of the dreams in private, they were also published in the book after their professional relationship ended.

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In one dream she recounts seeing, “two police motorcycles and a white car streaming ahead, leaving a black car on its own.” In another sequence, she saw Queen Elizabeth II giving a 'somber address.'

As the general public's interest in cosmic goings-on continues to grow - one might wonder if other high-profile royals enjoy reading their astrology birth chart. Considering the ups and downs of the last few years - perhaps a little guidance might be of assistance.

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