Unseen images of Meghan Markle reveal how the Duchess spent her time in the Netherlands

Newly released unseen images of Meghan Markle reveal the Duchess of Sussex's work during the Invictus Games in the Hague

Unseen images of Meghan Markle
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Newly released unseen images of Meghan Markle have been revealed by a nonprofit organization that works closely with the Duchess to create safe and supportive learning spaces for young women.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their $14 million Santa Barbara mansion and visited the Netherlands earlier this year in April to host the Invictus Games and support the players across the globe. 

While attending this international event to support Prince Harry, the founder of the Invictus Games, Meghan Markle found time to visit one of the many nonprofit organizations that she supports.

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Project Fearless is an organization that strives to support young women and provide them with a solid foundation that will help them succeed in business in later life. The nonprofit is currently celebrating its three-year anniversary since its founding of the business and posted some images to reflect on its important third year.

The caption of a post read, "Today is the day! Project Fearless is officially 3 years old! 🎉To celebrate, we’ve been counting down our top 3 milestones from the last 3 Fearless years… and today's milestone is extra special."

The post then discussed the Duchess of Sussex's important visit and her role as a guest coach during their first entrepreneurship course. "Earlier this year, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex joined our first Entrepreneurship course as a guest coach! During her visit, she gave the girls inspiring and encouraging feedback on their sustainable business pitches, and enthusiastically joined in with a group exercise on facing fears," said the founders.

The unseen images of Meghan Markle show that the Duchess engaged in different activities with the girls by speaking with them directly and listening to them talk during group discussions about their ideas and concerns.

The Duchess herself also released a comment about the company's important work. "Safe, supportive spaces like Project Fearless allow girls the opportunity to express themselves, build each other up, gain resilience, and tackle new challenges,” said Meghan.

The brand revealed that since 2019 when the program first began, the number of young women and girls being helped by the organization has grown from 30 to 747. 

This is just one of the many women-focused charities that Meghan has worked to help since stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family.

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