This is the Royal Family member that travels the most for work - and it's not hardworking Princess Anne

Senior members of the Royal Family all carry out royal engagements, but one travels more than the rest

Princess Anne
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The Royal Family are known for traveling all over the country in order to undertake royal engagements, but who travels the most?

Senior working royals including King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Anne and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh were among the members of the Royal Family whose March 2023 activities, engagements, and events were evaluated.

While Princess Anne is often named the most hard-working royal, the distance that Prince William travelled for work last month from his house - Adelaide Cottage in Windsor - was a total of 1,833kms (1,139 miles). As a result, Prince William has been named as the royal who travels the most for work according to the study by Vanarama.

Queen Camilla came in second place, travelling a total of 1,197kms (744 miles) from her house - Clarence House in Westminster - while King Charles placed third for travelling 1,113kms (692 miles).

The news that Prince William actually travels the most for his royal engagements, while Princess Anne didn't even make the top three may come as a surprise to royal fans.

Prince William

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The Princess Royal is frequently listed as the hardest-working member of the Royal Family and she fulfilled the highest number of royal engagements out of all members of the Royal Family in 2022.

Princess Anne embarked upon 214 engagements in total, while King Charles came in second place with 181 royal engagements. And Prince William came in fifth place on the list, carrying out just 126 engagements last year.

The fact that Prince William came in first on this list is likely because he has taken trips abroad, including his recent visit to Poland to thank troops near the Ukraine border.

On the other hand, Princess Anne likely completes the majority of her royal engagements in the UK. However, despite traveling fewer miles, Princess Anne was still the "hardest working" royal in March.


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Experts from Vanarama told, "The data revealed that it is Anne who partakes in the most royal activities, attending 39 events, one more than her brother.

"Princess Anne worked more than three times the working days that Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, did last month despite the 14-year age gap. Prince William is the youngest of the seven, yet had almost double the days off last month with 23 non-working days, compared to Anne’s 12."

However, we know that Prince William and Kate Middleton cleared their diaries recently to spend time with their three children while they enjoyed their Easter holiday from school.

The senior royals will come together in a few weeks for King Charles's Coronation, where they will join the newly crowned King on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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