The real reason Prince Charles will not become Prince Regent

'Prince Regent' is unlikely to ever be the Prince of Wales' title because of this very important reason that concerns the Queen

The real reason Prince Charles will not become Prince Regent
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Prince Charles has a number of titles that he goes by, but the title of 'Prince Regent' is unlikely to ever be the Prince of Wales' title because of this important reason. 

Prince Charles has many titles; the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cornwall, the Duke of Rothesay, and other roles that he has been given over his lifetime. However, some reports have suggested that another title the Prince will soon have is the 'Prince Regent'.

The former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, along with other commentators, has said that Prince Charles is effectively 'becoming Prince Regent.' This role suggests that the Queen is somehow incapacitated and unable to fulfill her role as monarch and requires someone else to officially step in.

The comments made by the former politician about Her Majesty took place during an interview with Fox Business. "It looks as though Prince Charles is becoming Prince Regent which means he will deputize for the Queen on big state occasions, on big international visits with US Presidents or whatever it may be," said Nigel Farage.

"She is absolutely with it, she's on the ball, she's holding conferences, she's on the telephone, she is, physically in herself, quite well, she's just got trouble walking," he said.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (known as the Duke of Rothesay when in Scotland) walk to the Balmoral Estate Cricket Pavilion

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Royal experts have claimed that this is simply untrue and Prince Charles is unlikely to ever become Prince Regent. 

Royal commentator,  Richard Fitzwilliams addressed the claims that Charles was becoming Prince Regent and told the Express, "That is gossip. A Regent is if the Queen was incapacitated, that is the period that you have a Regency. You saw that with George III, as George VI was made Regent."

“The Queen is mentally totally alert and carrying out duties, albeit changed duties. I don’t see this as a possibility. We will have to see, of course, what is going to happen in the future."

The Queen has continued to hand over royal engagements and tasks to other competent and senior royals who are able to step in where possible. This suggests that Prince Charles will not ever need to take over with a Prince Regent title, so long as Her Majesty takes time to rest and is selective about the events she will attend in person. 

Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit to officially open the new building of Thames Hospice

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The Queen is currently resting and enjoying her summer holiday in her Scottish retreat, Balmoral Castle. Her Majesty will not be leaving this private escape until September when the Queen’s Balmoral summer holiday will be interrupted for a ‘kissing hands’ meeting with the new Prime Minister, whoever they may be.

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