The Queen's true feelings about Matt Hancock revealed

The former Health Secretary made quite the impression on Her Majesty the Queen when they first met, reveals an unearthed clip

Queen's true feelings about Matt Hancock
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The Queen's true feelings about Matt Hancock have been revealed by an unearthed clip that shows what Her Majesty said to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Matt Hancock was the UK's Health Secretary between July 2018 to June 2021, so was the leading voice when it came to Covid-19 regulations and the government advice for the country during the lockdown.

The Queen met with Boris Johnson for an in-person meeting in June 2021 at Buckingham Palace. An unearthed clip has revealed that the pair discussed the Health Secretary at the time, Matt Hancock.

In the video, the Queen said, "I’ve just been talking to your Secretary of State for Health, poor man…”

“He came for privy council,” she said. “..he’s full of, er…” Her Majesty was then interrupted by the Prime Minister who suggested that he was full of 'beans.' 

This wasn't quite the word that the Queen was looking she continued to say that he was in fact full of 'promises.' The Queen added, “he thinks things are getting better,” as she referred to the pandemic.

The Prime Minister responded saying, "Well, er, they are.”

Just days after this, a scandal involving Matt Hancock and political aide Gina Coladangelo emerged as the pair were caught breaching COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. 

This was a particularly shocking breach as the video footage of their breach showed the pair kissing at work while the rest of the country was unable under a strict lockdown. In addition, both political figures were also married to other people so this video exposing the breach of Covid protocol also exposed their extra-marital affair.

Just recently in an interview with the Diary of a CEO podcast, the former Health Secretary claimed, "I resigned because I broke the social distance in guidelines then,” he said. “They weren’t actually rules. They weren’t the law. But that’s not the point. The point is they were the guidelines that I’d been proposing.”

Matt Hancock

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Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen has canceled more royal engagements amid health concerns. She has been able to continue with her weekly meetings with Prime Minsiter Boris Johnson via phone call, but it is unclear when the leaders will meet again in person.

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