The Queen's royal blunder revealed as she once forgot Prince Edward's birthday but was saved by royal aides

It has been revealed by royal experts that many years ago, Her Majesty, the Queen, once forgot Prince Edward's birthday!

Queen once forgot Prince Edward's birthday
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It has been revealed that the Queen once forgot Prince Edward's birthday, but fortunately had some royal aides that were ready to come to her rescue!

Prince Edward marked a bittersweet 59th birthday today as he celebrated for the first time since his mother's passing, but also with a new inherited title passed down from his father and brother. While there was much cause for joy as Queen's youngest son began his sixtieth year of life, there are perhaps some birthdays the Prince would rather forget - particularly the one where his own mother hilariously forgot his birthday!

It was revealed by Ingrid Seward in a 2019 documentary, Paxman on the Queen’s Children, "At Buckingham Palace he [Edward] was lonely". She said, "One year on his birthday he went to have breakfast with the Queen and nothing was said. No card, no present. She didn’t know it was his birthday."

In Ingrid's 2005 book Prince Edward: A Biography, the author explores this further and said that it was a birthday in the early nineties - making Edward in his late twenties. Apparently, Edward sat down at the breakfast table at Buckingham Palace with the Queen while she "ate her toast and marmalade and sipped her special blend of tea which she makes herself."

Ingrid writes that there was no mention of a birthday whatsoever - but fortunately, Her Majesty was saved! A royal aide was made aware that the Queen had forgotten and a 'hasty' phone call was made. Within hours, Prince Edward had a gift and the Queen's blunder was avoided. 

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In defence of the Queen, the author writes, "If it had been Prince Edward’s twentieth or his thirtieth, his mother would not have forgotten." Fortunately it wasn't a milestone birthday and the Queen was still able to rectify the situation before her youngest son's feelings were too bruised. 

It was also fortunate that the Prince was in his twenties, a forgotten birthday as a young child would have likely been a far more upsetting scene!

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In celebration of Prince Edward's 59th birthday this year, King Charles bestowed a significant titles on fellow royals and it was confirmed that the Earl of Wessex would hence forth be known as the Duke of Edinburgh.

The announcement was made on social media by the Royal Family. "Wishing the new Duke of Edinburgh a very Happy Birthday today! The King has conferred the Dukedom of Edinburgh upon his brother, Prince Edward, on his 59th birthday,” the caption declared alongside a snap of the Prince smiling.

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