The Queen's 'garish' four-poster bed divides opinion with its ornate drapes and crazy colors

The Queen's 'garish' four-poster bed in Windsor Castle has divided fans as some love the luxury while others think it's 'gross'

Queen's 'garish' four-poster bed
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The Queen's 'garish' four-poster bed has been criticized by fans as the Royal Collection Trust shares an image of this controversial piece of furniture.

The Royal Collection Trust shared an image of an ornate golden four-poster bed that lives in Windsor Castle, and dates back centuries. In the caption of the post, the Trust explained that this high-end piece of furniture was specifically remodeled for Napoleon III.

"When Napoleon III visited Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle in 1855, this bed was specially re-upholstered in his personal colors – purple and green. A magnificent ostrich-feather plume crowns the silk canopy," said the post.

It was also revealed that the bed was first created for another member of the Royal Family nearly 250 years ago. "The bed originally belonged to Queen Victoria’s uncle, George IV, and was made for his bedroom at Carlton House in London in the 1780s. Today you can see it in the King’s Bedchamber on a visit to Windsor Castle."

Some fans loved this spectacular bed and took to Instagram to share their delight as they claimed that it was fit for the Queen herself.

"Oh My! THAT IS FOR FACT TNE MOST BEAUTIFUL, TASTEFUL, AN EXTRAVAGANT BED I'VE EVER SEEN 😍 FIT DEFINITELY FOR HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH 👸," said one very enthusiastic fan. "A grand and glorious bed!" said another fan. "That plume is amazing. Always admire it there 👏" said another.

However, other fans were less impressed by the bed and some took to social media to mock the piece of furniture. "Fit for a Queen - a bit garish, but otherwise tuck, tuck, night, night!" said one fan.

"So gross 🤢 looks very uncomfortable," said another. Yet another commented, "Circus meets Mardigras it’s cute but not a fan." One commenter added that thy thought the ostrich feathers didn't look clean, "those feathers look dirty as hell 😫."

 The Trust revealed that while this bed may have been used as recently as a few decades ago, the piece of furniture is no longer slept in, and certainly not by the Queen. "This bed was in use until the early 20th century but is now only on display as a historic piece," said the Trust.

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