Kate Middleton demonstrates she's 'a mother first and foremost' during royal engagement

Kate Middleton demonstrated that her role as a mother comes before her role as a member of the Royal Family says a body language expert

Kate Middleton demonstrated she's 'a mother first and foremost' during royal engagement
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At Wimbledon this weekend, Kate Middleton demonstrated that she is 'a mother first and foremost' above any of her other responsibilities as she interacted with her eldest son, Prince George, at his first Wimbledon game.

Body language expert Darren Stanton has analyzed Kate Middleton and Prince William's appearance at Wimbledon with Prince George for the Men's final on Sunday. Speaking on behalf of Slingo, Darren revealed that Kate Middleton has chosen to be 'a mother first and foremost' and this was evident during the game.

"Seeing Kate interacting with Prince George during the Wimbledon final shows how she has chosen to be a mother first and foremost, despite her Royal duties, and how she, naturally, has Prince George’s best interests at heart," said Darren. 

Prince George

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The body language expert also explained that as parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were 'treating' their son to a day out at the tennis, but also equipping him for life in the public eye.

"Eventually, George will find himself next in the line of succession, therefore it’s important to Kate and William for George to be familiar with being in the public eye," said Darren. "They’re choosing not to shield him to a certain extent, and treating him to a day out at Wimbledon - one of the most popular sporting events on the calendar - not only puts him on the world stage but ensures he won’t lack confidence dealing with the public or attending official ceremonies later on in life. He’ll instead be equipped with the experience to take it in his stride."

Prince George

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Darren suggested this was a 'strategic' move that highlights how the royal couple has decided to be 'hands-on' parents.

"Such a strategic move hints at the type of parents Kate and Will are and intend to be, proving that not only are they hands-on, but they’re determined to instill the importance of the family’s duties as Royals within their children. George, not surprisingly, appeared to be enjoying himself immensely and already appeared to be a natural, waving to the crowds from the Royal box," said the expert.

Darren then analyzed the way the Duke and Duchess interacted with their son and suggested that the parents are very 'in sync' when it comes to their parenting style.

Prince George and Kate Middleton at Wimbledon

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"Throughout their appearance at Wimbledon, we saw both Kate and William dote on George, leaning in towards him as he spoke to them and showing genuine interest in the youngster as he eagerly spoke to them throughout the match," said Darren. "At various points, Kate and Will could be seen matching and mirroring each other’s body language - for instance, turning their bodies in towards George, holding the same hand up into the air to address the crowds - as they interacted with their son. This was not only a clear sign of their connection as parents, but also revealed just how in sync they are when it comes to nurturing their brood."

The expert concluded, "It’s clear to see the Royal couple thrive from being parents and the sheer enjoyment across their faces as they enjoyed a day out with George was clear for all to see."

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