The Queen 'worried' about Prince William's wellbeing after COVID-19 diagnosis

The Queen

The Queen was worried about Prince William after finding out her grandson had the deadly infection.

Why was the Queen worried about Prince William?

TheQueenknew aboutPrince William's diagnosis and was understandably worried about his wellbeing.

“The priority was keeping HMQ shielded and safe, which was thankfully what happened," the insider said.

"But of course the Queen was worried for Charles and William and relieved that they suffered only minor symptoms.”

Prince William only revealed his diagnosis during a recent face-to-face event.

He told an onlooker he had contracted the virus, but didn't say anything to the public so as to not panic the nation.

There has been some criticism of the Duke of Cambridge's decision to keep his diagnosis quiet.

But royal biographer Ingrid Seward believes the Duke showed leadership by hiding his illness.

At the time Prince William contracted the virus, PM Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, had already been affected by COVID-19.

Ingrid told The Sun: “I think he quite rightly thought it would be too scary to have so many prominent people with the illness together.

“He very wisely thought ‘well it’s not going to help anyone’ for him to say ‘I’ve got it’ so he decided to keep it quiet.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left London to self-isolate at Anmer Hall, their home in Norfolk in March.

They have stayed there throughout lockdown with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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