The Queen made a subtle tribute to war veterans with her jewellery during a recent royal visit

Her amethyst brooch may have had a special meaning

The Queen
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The Queen visited the Royal British Legion Industries village on Wednesday to celebrate the charity’s centenary, and her jewellery seemed to be very appropriate for the occasion.

The Queen is known for wearing vibrant colours, and her trip to Kent was no exception. She wore a bright purple tweed coat with the Kent Amethyst Demi-Parure brooch pinned to it.

But it’s not just the name of the brooch that could have been significant. It once belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, and contains a single amethyst surrounded by diamonds.

The Queen

All gemstones have meanings, and the one behind an amethyst is very special. Traditionally, they’re said to bring comfort during mourning, so the Queen could have chosen to wear one to pay tribute to the war veterans she met during the visit.

Her Majesty had visited theRoyal British Legion Industries village to open the new Appleton Lodge care facility for residents there.

A video from the Queen’s visit was shared on The Royal Family Channel, an account that frequently shares updates across members of the royal family, to keep everyone updated with engagements.

They wrote, ‘Her majesty visited the Royal British Legion Industries village in Kent on Wednesday to celebrate the charity's centenary year.’

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In the video, she was seen speaking with veterans and unveiling a special plaque to commemorate the new facility.

The monarch also buried a time capsule, to be opened in 100 years time. She was invited to throw the first soil and was handed a shovel.

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The Queen

It included stories from the veterans there, a copy of The Times newspaper with Wednesday’s date, and a commemorative coin, to hopefully be discovered by future citizens.

The Times newspaper had a photograph of The Queen on it too, allowing the monarch to play a part in the time capsule alongside the veterans.

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