The intimate five-word comment Prince William made to Kate during their famous balcony kiss

The intimate five-word comment Prince William made to his new wife Catherine back in 2011 has been revealed by lip reading experts

Kate Middleton
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The intimate five-word comment Prince William made to Princess Catherine when they first tied the knot has been revealed - and people are loving it!

The Prince and Princess of Wales's wedding day back in 2011 was a wonderful celebration that saw the whole country come together to celebrate the marriage of the future King of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. 

In celebration of their nuptials, the couple kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, which has become an unofficial tradition for the royals. A close up video clip of the couple sharing their second balcony kiss has picked up attention on TikTok, and fans are loving the sweet question the Prince asked Kate before the kiss.


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The video on TikTok from Royalfancams showed the Prince and Princess just a few minutes after their first kiss on the balcony. The crowd applauds and yells for the couple to kiss again. 

In response to the raucous crowd, the Prince turned to Catherine and asked a sweet five-word question; "Shall we do one more?" The then Duchess of Cambridge was laughing and nodded to her new husband's request and lent over to give him a peck on the lips.

The video was popular with fans and received over 800 thousand likes. Fans loved the intimate moment between the happy couple and many commented on this video with their delight.

Kate Middleton's wedding

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"Her little nod before the kiss… then giggle & nose scrunch after ! Love this moment 🥰," commented one fan who loved seeing this sweet moment between the couple.

Others complimented the Prince for asking and checking if his new wife was comfortable sharing another kiss in full view of the public. "Just love the way he gently asked for a kiss and respected her choice. Adorable😳😳," said one commenter.

Others just found the young couple rather adorable."Aw he couldn’t stop smiling after that," said one commenter. "He just wanted to kiss her twice lol aww so cute 🥰," added another. 

Kate Middleton

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Other couples have also shared kisses on the balcony following their respective weddings. Prince Charles was the first to begin this tradition when he married Princess Diana in 1981. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson both took part in this tradition in 1986 when they tied the knot.

Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, and Queen Elizabeth didn't opt for a public display of affection and instead of sharing a kiss with their husbands on the balcony, they just smiled and waved to the adoring crowds below.

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