The hilarious names behind George, Charlotte, and Louis's new friends at Lambrook school revealed

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are joined at their prestigious Lambrook school by an unlikely cohort of sweet friends

The hilarious names behind George, Charlotte, and Louis's friends at school
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The names of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis's adorable school friends have been revealed, and we can't help but 'aww' at the unique monikers. 

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are joined at Lambrook by a group of friends with some fairly unusual names, an update from the prestigious school has revealed. 

The three children of Prince William and Kate Middleton started lessons at the fee-paying, co-ed academy last September, just one month after moving from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. 

George, 9, and Charlotte, 8, had previously attended St. Thomas's Battersea in London, while five-year-old Louis had been enrolled at the Willcock's Nursery school. 

The trio's day-to-day life at Lambrook has been kept fairly under wraps - a move that's likely intentional to ensure they have as normal an upbringing as possible before becoming full-time working royals. After a difficult adjustment period (Queen Elizabeth II died just a few days after George, Charlotte, and Louis had enrolled at their new school), it appears the regal tots finally developed a solid routine. 


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"Kate said the children have settled in nicely with their new school and have new friends," a royal fan who met the Princess of Wales at Sandringham after the monarch's death said, according to PEOPLE magazine. 

Lambrook has long held a reputation for delivering an outstanding educational experience to its 615 pupils, offering everything from 'first class teaching' to unbeatable facilities. The school also prides itself on its 52 acres of beautifully-maintained grounds, which include a 9-hole golf course, multiple sports pitches, and even a small farm. 

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Known as the Lambrook Orchard, the idyllic garden is home to a wide family of adorable animals - including pigs, chickens, rabbits, bees, and visiting lambs. 

In a recent update on the Lambrook website, it was revealed that the Orchard's resident female rabbit gave birth to a litter of eight babies over the King's Coronation weekend. 

"Having a such a large litter proved tricky for mum, but she has recovered well," the article read. "The baby bunnies are hiding in a nest, but will soon be running around the run and making friends with the pupils." 

The post also shared the name of the mother rabbit to be Cupcake - a moniker that was likely chosen by the Lambrook pupils themselves. The Orchard's male rabbit, and presumably the father of the eight baby bunnies, is called 'Nibbles.' If that wasn't enough to pull at your heartstrings, Cupcake's mother is affectionately known as 'Cottontail.' 

The Orchard also houses two lambs named Apple and Rosie, as well as a pair of pygmy goats called Messi and Ronaldo. 

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