The bizarre detail you may have missed in Kate Middleton's new rugby photos

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a strange accessory to her first training session as the new Patron of England Rugby

Kate Middleton's new rugby photos have a bizarre detail
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Kate Middleton looked the picture of health in her latest photos as the new Patron of England Rugby, but there's one detail in her outfit that's left royal fans scratching their heads. 

Kate Middleton has left royal fans concerned with her latest outfit, after stepping out with a medical-themed accessory. 

The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Twickenham Stadium on Wednesday for her first training session as Patron of the Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League—and she wasted no time getting down to business. 

The beloved royal, who has long been a fan of the traditional English sport, was tipped to take on the exciting role earlier this week after Prince Harry was stripped of the patronage by the Queen last April. The replacement was confirmed on Tuesday, after the Cambridges posted an update of Kate unveiling her rugby talents in an adorable new video

The Duchess showed off her excellent ball skills once again during her meeting with the members of the men's and women's squads, as well as their coaching teams, yesterday morning. 


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In true Kate Middleton form, she listened attentively as the pro athletes shared their hopes for the upcoming Six Nations Championships and the Women's World Cup. A little banter was even exchanged, with the Duchess bursting out in laughter when the players joked about how they managed their training in lockdown. 

Kate also received a cute children's English Rugby kit from her hosts, which she will likely gift to either her eldest son, Prince George, or her daughter, Prince Charlotte. 

Kate Middleton

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It was then time for the sporty royal to join the players for a skills session, led by Head England Coach Eddie Jones, on the iconic London pitch. 

Kate demonstrated her impressive coordination by catching the ball on every throw, as well as her topnotch cardio as she darted effortlessly around the field. At one point, the players even hoisted her into the air so she could make a pass from a height. 

Kate Middleton

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With all that running and jumping, it could be easy to think the Duchess is completely injury-free. However, there was one minor detail on Kate's outfit that had some fans worried for her wellbeing. 

If you look closely, you'll notice that the Duchess is wearing a plaster on her right hand. The beige bandaid is wrapped around the nail of her ring finger, looking almost invisible alongside her neat, unpainted cuticles. (Kate normally wears nude nail polish, but went au-natural for the outdoorsy event). Luckily, the royal didn't look in the slightest bit of pain during the engagement. 

Kate Middleton

Kate is wearing a plaster on her right hand 

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It remains unclear why Kate was wearing the plaster, but some have speculated it could be the result of her gardening hobby. The busy mum has previously revealed that the Cambridges grow their own vegetables at Kensington Palace, which may put her at a higher risk of getting cuts. She's also known to do a lot of her family's cooking—another common culprit of pesky wounds. 

This isn't the first time the Duchess has raised eyebrows with her mysterious plasters. Despite always looking healthy and comfortable, the 40-year-old has been spotted wearing the tapes on her hands on multiple occasions in the past. 

For her first engagement of January 2020, she was seen wearing a plaster at the base of her thumb. In November 2018, she was photographed with a circular band-aid on her middle finger, while in November 2016, she wore a larger plaster on the outside of her hand. In response to a request for more information on Kate's medical strips, Buckingham Palace has refused to comment. 

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