Sophie Wessex’s kind gesture to support Queen after Prince Philip’s death revealed

The Countess of Wessex made a special effort to support the Queen at Windsor after her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away

Sophie Wessex’s gesture to support Queen after Prince Philip’s death revealed
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Sophie Wessex made a very special effort to support the Queen following the death of Prince Philip, according to a royal correspondent. 

Sophie Wessex showed her support for the Queen after her husband's death with a sweet gesture, a royal insider has revealed. 

Prince Philip died aged 99 in April 2021, leaving Her Majesty widowed after 73 years of marriage. In the months following this devastating loss, the 96-year-old found solace in a high-profile female royal - and no, it wasn't Kate Middleton. 

Sophie Wessex, the wife of the youngest of Queen Elizabeth's children, Prince Edward, reportedly played a key role in helping the monarch cope with the tremendous grief. According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, the Countess would "drive the 10 miles from her Bagshot Park home to Windsor Castle every few days and most weekends to spend socially-distanced time” with her regal mother-in-law. When she wasn't able to make the journey, she would apparently "make a point" to ring the Queen so the two could catch up on the day's events. The thoughtful gestures have made the two women, who were already understood to be close, an even stronger unit. 


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Sophie quickly became "the Queen’s unlikely ‘rock’", offering a source of comfort during one of the hardest years of Her Majesty's life. 

It also helped that the Countess, 57, was able to provide a safe ear for the Queen to discuss "certain decisions about the monarchy." The royal in-law, who is the mother of Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, was also the monarch's "go-to for various personal matters," according to a palace insider. With a reputation for being "impartial", Sophie was apparently viewed as a solid "sounding board" on which the Queen could vent her thoughts safely. 

"Sophie has been a firm favorite of the Queen for some time,” royal expert Phil Dampier told Royals Monthly in June. 

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