Queen's bruise at Balmoral overshadows appointment of new Prime Minister Liz Truss

The Queen appeared to have a large bruise on her hand at Balmoral Castle as she received incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss

Queen's 'nasty' bruise at Balmoral Castle panics royal fans
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New photos from the Queen's first meeting with the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, have fuelled fears for the 96-year-old's health amongst royal fans.

  • Royal fans have voiced concern for the Queen's wellbeing yet again, after photos of her bruised hand were posted online. 
  • Her Majesty's right hand appeared to have a large, dark mark during her audience with the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.
  • Her Majesty received the former foreign secretary at Balmoral Castle.

The Queen's audience with new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has led to widespread concern over the status of the 96-year-old monarch's health. 

Her Majesty received the former foreign secretary at Balmoral Castle in Scotland today, to officially ask that she form a government under her reign. Truss won the Conservatorship leadership race on Sunday, beating rival Rishi Sunak to become Boris Johnson's replacement at 10 Downing St. 

The audience took place in the drawing room of Balmoral Castle for the first time in the Queen's 70-year-long reign, due to her ongoing mobility issues preventing her from traveling to Buckingham Palace in London for the traditional 'kissing hands' ceremony. 

Her Majesty wore a tartan skirt and grey cardigan over a blue blouse to meet Truss, having already formally accepted Boris Johnson's resignation. Royal fans were also quick to notice a large, purple bruise on her right hand, prompting widespread concern online over the wellbeing of the Head of State. 

"The queen looks like she has a nasty bruise on her hand?" one person wrote, shortly before a wave of speculation about the injury ensued. 

"Looks like bruises you get from treatments and IV bruising," a second fan on Twitter commented. 

"She’s possibly on blood thinners they can cause bruise-like markings. Also her skin is much thinner due to her age," another person said. 


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How many prime ministers have served during the Queen's reign? 

Queen Elizabeth II has received 15 Prime Ministers since ascending to the throne in 1952, with Liz Truss the latest politician to lead Britain under her reign. 

Who was prime minister when Elizabeth became Queen?

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister when Princess Elizabeth became the Queen following the sudden death of her father, King George VI, in 1952. He had been sworn in by the late royal in 1951, having already served as PM from 1940 to 1945, and remained in the job until 1955. 

Can the Queen reject a Prime Minister?

It's technically possible for the Queen to reject an incoming Prime Minister - but it's highly unlikely. 

In times bygone, the reigning monarch could refuse to appoint the incoming British leader and select their own choice of successor. The last time something of this nature happened was in 1834 when King William IV dismissed Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and asked Tory Sir Robert Peel to form a new government. 

However, times have changed, and today the Queen's role in the appointment of the incoming Prime Minister is mostly ceremonial. Political parties are trusted "to determine and communicate clearly to the Sovereign who is best placed to be able to command the confidence of the House of Commons", which means Her Majesty generally accepts the final decision. 

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