Queen wears bold red lipstick driving around Sandringham ahead of Platinum Jubilee

The Queen donned the striking makeup on a trip to the stable at Sandringham Estate

Queen wears bold red lipstick driving around Sandringham
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The Queen has been spotted wearing red lipstick during a car drive in Sandringham Estate ahead of her historic Platinum Jubilee this Sunday. 

  • The Queen was spotted wearing bold red lipstick while driving around Sandringham Estate ahead of this weekend's Platinum Jubilee. 
  • Her Majesty, who will celebrate her 70-year-long reign this Sunday, looked happy as she travelled to the Norfolk property's stables with her chauffeur. 
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The Queen was photographed wearing a rich red lipstick as she commuted to the stables at Sandringham Estate on Thursday afternoon—and let's just say, scarlet is definitely the monarch's color. 

In photos published in the Mail today, Her Majesty can be seen smiling with a crimson pout, tinted glasses, and a patterned headscarf in the front seat of her signature Land Rover. In another image, she appears in the rear of the vehicle—but this time, without the disguise of her specs and shawl. 

While the Royal Family matriarch has been known to drive herself in the past, she handed the wheel to her trusty chauffeur on her latest outing and embraced the more relaxing role of passenger. 


Queen drives at the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2021

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The 95-year-old flew from Windsor Castle to Sandringham by helicopter last week, after being forced to cancel Christmas at the Norfolk residence over rising Covid rates. It's unclear how long the Queen will stay at the sprawling property, but if past tradition is anything to go by, she won't be leaving before Monday. 

The Head of State has historically remained at Sandringham from mid-December to the anniversary of her father's death on 6 February, which also marks the date of her ascension to the throne. With the pandemic delaying her trip by several weeks, it's possible she could extend her stay until March. 


Sandringham House 

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The Queen will pass her Platinum Jubilee on Sunday, becoming the first-ever British monarch to reign for 70 years. The milestone is likely to be more solemn than celebratory, however, as Her Majesty reflects on the tragic loss of her beloved predecessor, King George VI. Princess Elizabeth, who had reportedly grown up dreaming of marrying a farmer, became the Queen overnight when she was just 25 years old after her father died from lung cancer in 1952. 

It's understood that the Queen is sleeping at Wood Farm, rather than the property's main house, during her Norfolk stay. 

The secluded five-bedroom cottage was famously home to Prince Philip during his retirement era and has long been used by the Windsors as a cozy retreat from the formalities of royal life. It's even been reported that Her Majesty shares a kitchen with her staff and performs chores at the residence, which remains completely closed off to the public.  


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