Queen to miss out on celebrating bittersweet milestone tradition

The Queen might have to miss out on her private annual tradition that she commemorates every year as a bittersweet milestone

Queen to miss out on celebrating bittersweet milestone
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The Queen is set to miss out on celebrating a bittersweet milestone that she has marked every year for the last 69 years.

February 6 is a difficult date for Her Majesty who celebrates the beginning of her reign but also remembers the death of her beloved father George VI.

Her father passed away at the royal family's Norfolk home, Sandringham House. For this reason, the Queen will often spend the anniversary of her father's death at this Norfolk royal residence, where the pair shared many memories.

Sadly, the Queen will likely be spending the anniversary of her father's death at Windsor Castle. This is where the Queen has spent most of her time during the pandemic and even broke royal tradition by spending Christmas at this Castle for the past two years. 

It is thought that rather than risk traveling to Norfork for just a short time to remember her father, the Queen will stay put in Winsdor where she has become very comfortable and is close to her family. 

Windsor is just a short distance from London so Prince Charles and Camilla can visit from Clarence House, and Prince William and Catherine can visit from Kensington Palace.

Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex are also just a stone's throw from Windsor in their home in Bagshot Park, which means their daughter Lady Louise, who is rumored to be the favorite of the Queen's eight grandchildren, can visit whenever she pleases.

The Queen and George VI

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II in 1946

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The anniversary of the Queen's will be particularly significant as it marks the 70 years that the Queen has been on the throne. This also marks the 70th anniversary of her father's death.

In celebration of Her Majesty's 70-year reign, there will be a Platinum Jubilee celebration that is taking place across the UK. This will take place in June which marks the anniversary of the Queen's coronation. 

There is both a coronation date that marks the Queen's ascension to the throne and an unofficial date which marks her father's passing—which is why the Queen will mark the Platinum Jubilee twice.

In celebration of the jubilee, the Queen's pudding competition has been launched which encourages bakers from across the UK to whip up a delicious bake.

It has also been rumored that some special royal guests will be making an appearance at the celebration. Reportedly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's 'diaries free' for Queen's Jubilee as they prepare for a big return to the UK

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