Queen Rania combines tradition and modernity in two highly decorated chic dresses for Jordanian Royal Wedding

Queen Rania's highly decorated dresses were the two perfect looks for the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa of Jordan

Queen Rania's highly decorated dresses
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Queen Rania's highly decorated dresses were the perfect looks as the Queen wore a black Dior gown and a gold and beige gown for the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa of Jordan.

Queen Rania of Jordan, the mother of the groom, wore two incredible gowns to celebrate the union of her son and his long-term girlfriend. For the ceremony, Her Majesty wore a black Dior gown from the AW22 Couture Collection

The dress featured a long a-line skirt that was perfectly modest for the ceremony but also was form-fitting around the Queen's bodice to show off more of her figure. The chic look was almost entirely black but included some delicate gold detailing around the wrists and neck which also perfectly matched her clutch. 

Fans loved this look on the Queen and many took to social media to complement her. "I love that Rania wears modern pieces that still have some resemblance to the more traditional outfits of her culture be it in color, silhouette or embellishments. This Dior gown is beautiful and she looks amazing in it. I don’t mind black at a wedding…Rania does seem to like to stand out but in a modest, understated way," said one fan.

"Queen Rania looks stunning as always! Love the back detail. I don’t mind the black, different cultures obviously have different traditions and I think she doesn’t want the focus to be on her on this day," said another fan discussing the gold detailing on the back of the gown.

Others were less certain about wearing black to a wedding, but still enjoyed the look. "I don’t know wedding practices in Jordan but the black or deep gray looks more funeral than wedding. Beautiful none the less," said one fan.

For the Queen's second look, Rania wore an Elie Saab SS23 Couture Collection gold and beige-toned dress. This look was perfectly complemented with a red sash to denote her royal position, nude clutch, and bright diamond tiara. 

Elie Saab seemed to be the favorite designer of the day as many other people at this engagement wore dresses made by the designer - including the bride! Among the other guests wearing the brand was the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton's Elie Saab gown delighted royal fans at the Jordanian Royal wedding as Catherine also showed off her ability to nail modest glamour by wearing two incredibly stylish long-sleeved floor-length gowns.

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