Queen pranked by her personal assistant during Australian royal engagement

Her Majesty the Queen was once cruelly pranked by her personal assistant, Angela Kelly, during a royal tour of Australia

The Queen pranked by personal assistant
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Her Majesty the Queen was once pranked by her personal assistant and right-hand woman, Angela Kelly, while they were on a royal tour of Australia.

During the royal tour of Australia in 2006, the Queen was pranked by her assistant who discovered that Her Majesty was desperate to see a kookaburra. 

Sadly, the Queen struggled to spot one of these native birds but her personal assistant and dresser did manage to spot one in a Sydney market.

Instead of just giving the cuddly toy to the Queen, Angela decided to play a little prank as she "had something in mind I thought the Queen would enjoy."

Angela then told the Queen she had spotted a, "funny-looking grey bird," through the window.

The assistant explained, "The Queen looked outside and shouted 'It's a kookaburra!' I went to open the cage doors and she said loudly 'No! Don't do that! It will fly away!' and was behind me in a flash."

"Turning to her Majesty while trying to keep a straight face, I solemnly told her it was dead." Reportedly the Queen looked 'horrified' until Angela revealed the prank and called Her Majesty an 'April fool'.


Queen Elizabeth II with Anna Wintour, Caroline Rush (L), and royal dressmaker Angela Kelly (R)

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The Queen loved this prank and Angela spoke about her hilarious reaction. "She had only two words for me: 'You're sacked'. I was laughing uncontrollably as her Majesty turned to His Royal Highness and said 'Do you know what she has just done to me? Angela has had me!'"

The Queen's funny side has often been spoken about by close friends and former coworkers. The Queen revealed her royal sense of humor in a hilarious G7 quip to various world leaders, her Majesty also showed her humorous side with a height joke upon meeting Tom Daley.

The Queen also has a surprising party trick that shows her 'wicked sense of humor' as she is able to do a great imitation of different accents from all over the UK. 

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