The Queen shows her humorous side with height joke upon meeting Tom Daley

Tom Daley recounts his hilarious exchange with the Queen

Queen Elizabeth at the Olympics
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Appearing on a Swedish talk show, Tom Daley recounted the time that he met the Queen.

Tom Daley's conversation with the Queen happened back in 2016 during a reception for the Great Britain Olympic team. The 95-year-old queen wasn't the only royal in attendance with the late Prince Philip (who passed five years later, at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle) and other senior members of the family also present.

Twenty-seven-year-old Tom, a diver and television personality, explained that, during the event, the Queen noticed the heights of some of the gymnasts present and, making fun of her own small stature, commented that, perhaps, "maybe I should try gymnastics."

But Tom isn't the only Olympian who fondly remembers an interesting exchange with the royal. Back in 2017, the Queen attended the investiture of six-time Olympic medalist Max Whitlock, a gymnastic champion. Following the said ceremony, the athlete gave an interview, revealing that the Queen told him that she "loved watching the gymnastics because the stuff that we do doesn't seem possible." His thoughts on her comments? "It was pretty cool to hear the Queen say she likes the sport," he said.

Tom Daley Knitting

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The Queen is an avid fan of horse racing (don't forget the huge honor she was awarded recognizing her true passion just a month ago), and has made her love for the Olympic games public throughout her tenure.

She was part and parcel of the 2012 opening ceremony at the London games, starring in a skit alongside Daniel Craig's James Bond. A mere four years later, she participated in a video promotion of Prince Harry's Invictus Games, which took place in Orlando, Florida.

From her hilarious reaction to finding a slug in her salad to the sense of humor she revealed while at the G7 summit in Cornwall and the 'wickedly funny' letters she wrote on behalf of her beloved corgis, it's clear that nine decades in the spotlight have only made the Queen more attuned to the sort of episodes that generate a laugh among the public.

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