The Queen wrote ‘wickedly funny’ letters on behalf of her beloved corgis

“I remember holding my stomach, howling with laughter,” Alexander Armstrong tells viewers of the documentary

The Queen corgis
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The Queen's humorous side is exposed with a series of unearthed letters, written from the point of view of her pet corgis.

The Queen is well known for having a wonderful sense of humor, which is showcased perfectly in a series of letters to her former equerry.

Her Majesty wrote the notes on behalf of her beloved pet corgis to the staff member's dogs and was so "wickedly funny" that broadcaster Alex Armstrong - who presented the documentary The Queen and her Cousins - had to hold his stomach while laughing. "I remember holding my stomach, howling with laughter," Alexander Armstrong tells viewers of the documentary. 

Presenter Alexander Armstrong found the notes framed in the bathroom of the Queen's former equerry, Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson.

Queen and corgis

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"He would write these letters from their Jack Russell to the corgis, and the Queen would write these letters back," Armstrong recalled, according to The Telegraph.

"And they put this series of letters up, and they are so funny. I wish I could remember them."

While Queen Elizabeth II may always have a professional manner, Her Majesty is known to enjoy a good giggle behind closed doors. In fact, she is "much livelier in private than what the public sees," royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told PEOPLE. She also said, "She has the ability to laugh at herself."

The documentary, The Queen and her Cousins is being made to mark Her Majesty’s forthcoming 95th birthday and will air on Thursday. 

The documentary will show Mr Armstrong traveling around the country to meet some of the Queen’s cousins.

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