The Queen gives secret nod to Meghan with special royal visit next week

The Queen is set to visit Cheshire next week in a special nod to Meghan Markle, who visited the same county for her first royal engagement alongside Her Majesty.

While in Cheshire, Her Majesty will visit the famous Jodrell Bank Observatory in Macclesfield, to celebrate it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During her visit to Jodrell, a leading radio astronomy observatory, the Queen will operate the Lovell Telescope, the world’s third largest steerable telescope.

She’ll also be given a talk on how the observatory influences our understanding of the universe.

HM will also meet schoolchildren and unveil a plaque.

On 14 June 2018, the Queen and Meghan visited Cheshire to open Mersey Gateway Bridge, which stretches long.

They travelled overnight to Runcorn Station by Royal Train.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs, who said to the Duchess of Sussex, 'I understand it is your first trip to the north of England.'

Meghan replied, 'That’s correct. I’m very happy to be here.'

In a display of support, the Queen gifted Meghan a pair of pearl earrings for the day.

Andrew Curphey, whose theatre company brought the children together for the show, said of Meghan, 'She was really calm considering it was her first official engagement with the boss.

'She is with the boss, so no pressure.'

Harry and Meghan undertook their final royal engagement last week after announcing they are stepping down as permanent senior members of the Royal Family back in January.

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