Queen Letizia's unique £170 yellow-gold earrings are too stunning for words

Not even the European heatwave can stand in the way of Queen Letizia's supreme style

Queen Letizia wearing gold earrings
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Despite the ongoing heatwave in Europe, the Spanish Royal Family made their annual visit to Mallorca to attend the Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest at the La Misericordia Cultural Center in Palma. On Sunday evening, Queen Letizia presided over the closing ceremony of the 13th edition of the film festival donning a glamorous, black and gold outfit.  

Queen Letizia and the Spanish royals proved they are not easily put off their duties this weekend, as they jetted off to Mallorca despite the raging heatwave.

The Queen oversaw the 13th edition of the Atlantida Mallorca Film Fest, which was established in 2011 to introduce the public to the best international films that could not find a place in cinemas.

Queen Letizia of Spain wore a black and gold colour scheme for the film festival

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For the occasion, Queen Letizia rewore a chic, cool maxi dress as she braced the crippling heat hitting countries around Europe.

This spaghetti strap maxi dress from Uterqüe (a Spanish brand which closed its physical stores and became part of Massimo Dutti in 2021) is made of a black plumetis fabric and features a long-tiered skirt, pompom details and ties at the neck and waist.

She previously wore the dress for an appearance back in August 2021.

Queen Letizia's earrings are from Suma Cruz and cost just 200 euros

(Image credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

One particular highlight of the Queen’s gorgeous ensemble were her unique gold earrings.

Made in Spain, the surprisingly affordable €200 earrings (approx. £171) come from the brand Suma Cruz.

As per the brand’s website, Letizia’s earrings feature 24-carat yellow gold plated brass and weigh around 3g each.

The style of the earring is evocative of a fern. Ferns are the oldest plants on record, the brand explains, and they are used as an allegory of Suma for their meaning and elegance.

Fern Earrings in Yellow, £170 (€200) | Suma Cruz

Fern Earrings in Yellow, £170 (€200) | Suma Cruz

Queen Letizia's elegant earrings are surprisingly affordable and feature 24-carat yellow gold brass plating. 

The earrings are thought to be new, and the Queen of Spain matched her new jewels with other gold accessories.

It’s believed her shoes were also new for the occasion, a pair of Picon ankle-wrap espadrille wedges in gold.

The exact shoes she wore aren’t available online, leaving many style watchers to believe they were custom made, but there are plenty of dupes available.

Espadrille-Wedge-Heel Sandals, £100 | Dune London

Espadrille-Wedge-Heel Sandals, £100 | Dune London

These Dune London gold wedges are a great, cost-of-living friendly dupe for the Queen of Spain's custom-made Picon pair. 

The gold Malababa clutch bag is another piece that has been custom-made for Queen Letizia, no doubt to complement her stunning colour scheme for the evening.

The clutch bag – which is made from Spanish Entrefino lambskin - is available to buy in a range of other colours, including cream and azul blue. Each bag features an authentic, natural, and unique agate stone on its flap.

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