Queen Camilla's luxurious overcoat, leather gloves and ruffled cuffs prove it's easy to look chic while staying cozy

Earlier today, Queen Camilla visited a charity in West Norwood that offers provisions to homeless people while planning on launching women-only facilities as well

Queen Camilla
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Looking as stylish as ever in a navy overcoat and leather gloves, Queen Consort Camilla was spotted visiting the Emmaus Community at Bobby Vincent House in south East London, a charity that provides homeless people with necessary provisions.

It was pretty cold out as the 75-year-old royal embarked on a trip to south east London - but her chic outfit certainly protected her from the low temperatures.

Quen Camilla

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Queen Camilla was spotted looking as stylish as ever in a navy overcoat that she wore over a white ruffled shirt (the cuffs of which were on display under the outerwear) and knee-high black suede boots. The royal was also carrying a pair of leather gloves that we're sure she ended up using a few times during her outing.

Beauty-wise, the Queen Consort opted for an au natural look, featuring a pink lip, a tad of powder and a dark eyeliner. She wore her blonde her down, in the signature bob she's known for.

On the jewelry front, Camilla wore a pair of beautiful pearl earrings and both her engagement and wedding ring. Simplicity clearly goes a long way when done as adroitly as Queen Consort Camilla, who probably had loads on her mind while getting ready given that her appearance took place just a few days after the release of Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary on Netflix, which supposedly casts the royal family in a negative light. 

On her visit to Emmaus UK, of which she's been a patron since back in 2006, Queen Camilla learned that the charity is also doing loads of research into how to properly help female rough sleepers, perhaps even launching women-only facilities in the near future. 

Queen Camilla

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"It's an incredible charity, you don't believe it until you see it," said Camilla during her visit.

While on premise, the Queen gave an improvised speech during which she admitted that she has visited the charity close to 15 times in the past. She went on to browse through Emmaus SLC's boutique shop filled with donated furniture, eventually revealing she actually shops at similar stores. 

"I know with all these shops they never give me enough time to look around, all the furniture is so useful," Camilla said while chatting with Emmaus' head of business Rachel Burton. "I've picked up some nice pieces."

The very first Emmaus was set up in Paris by Catholic priest, MP and former member of the French Resistance Abbe Pierre in 1949. Since then, the charity has become an internationally recognized one that seeks to help the homeless community by assisting in finding jobs and more.

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