Queen Camilla's hairstylist shares her unforgettable experience working with the royal, and her one concern about the coronation

Queen Camilla's hairstylist Jo Hansford has tended to the royal's tresses for 35 years and chats about their adorable conversations

King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort visit Talbot Yard Food Court on April 05, 2023 in Malton, England. The King and Queen Consort are visiting Yorkshire to meet local producers and charitable organisations.
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Queen Camilla's hairstylist Jo Hansford has been up close and personal with the royal's luscious locks for a remarkable 35 years. While appearing on BBC Radio Four's Woman's Hour, she opened up about their ongoing relationship, how honest she can be with the royal, how the Queen feels about the coronation, and her one concern as her stylist.

Being Queen Camilla's hairstylist means that Jo, who has salons in London's Harvey Nichols and Mayfair, gets up close and personal with the Queen Consort in a way that few do.

While discussing their relationship, which has lasted three decades, she said despite her title - Jo treats the Queen Consort just like she treats her other long-standing clients - with total honesty and respect. This goes so far as to be real about what she thinks, especially in terms of color for a woman with one of the most recognizable short hairstyles for thick hair.

Camilla, Queen Consort holds onto her hat in the wind as she attends the 2023 Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on March 13, 2023 in London, England. The Commonwealth represents a global network of 56 countries, having been joined by Gabon and Togo in 2022, with a combined population of 2.5 billion people, of which over 60 percent are under 30 years old.

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The hairstylist explained how hair color needs to adapt to our complexions change as we age, and that she's especially proud of her current shade, which she says, "looks great in photos."

Jo also opened up about their shared love of gardening. "She loves her garden and she doesn't get to see it enough, unfortunately," she said. 

The stylist explained that beyond their client interest, they also have children about the same age - meaning they have the experience of motherhood and being a grandparent to discuss.

Elizabeth Hurley and Jo Hansford attend a photocall to celebrate 20 years of Jo Hansford's beauty range on April 9, 2013 in London, England.

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"Our children are about the same age," said Jo, "and we talk about grandchildren and the holidays and what they're doing. Yes, we talk about normal things like with any other client," she added.

"I don't delve into the secret things," admitted Jo, "you have to be very discreet in our business."

Despite her iron-clad discretion, the hairstylist did answer a few questions about King Charles's coronation

Camilla, Queen Consort during a Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace on December 6, 2022 in London, England. The last Reception for the Diplomatic Corps was hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in December 2019.

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When Woman's Hour host Nuala McGovern asked Jo what we might expect from the royal at the coronation, she stylist said, "I think she'll look gorgeous," adding, "I think she's nervous like any other person would be nervous but I'm sure her hair will look the same as it always does and it does look gorgeous."

In the past, we've seen the Queen Consort tackle high winds and rain that often crop up out of nowhere in the very unpredictable UK weather. It's not the weather that concerns this stylist, however, it's an altogether more pressing issue - her headwear!

"I think the difficulty will be putting the crown on without changing the style," said Jo.

Considering how well she's sported tiaras in the past, here's hoping it all goes well and any nervousness, despite being totally normal, turns to excitement on the big day. 

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