Queen Camilla’s ‘freshly cooked’ treat is something that can’t be beaten and she likes hers done the ‘proper’ way

Queen Camilla loves to enjoy this delicious takeaway treat when it's 'freshly cooked' and it's a Royal Family favourite

Queen Camilla visits the central Paris Flower Market
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Queen Camilla’s “freshly cooked” treat is something she feels can’t be beaten and she likes hers served in the most iconic way.

She might be Queen Consort, but that doesn’t mean that Queen Camilla only enjoys luxurious royal meals and expensive ingredients. Instead, Queen Camilla’s favourite fuss-free meal is none other than humble beans on toast and she’s previously revealed that still cooks for herself when she’s at home. These tend to be on the healthier side, with dishes including fish en papillote served with plenty of homegrown vegetables. However, when it comes to something a little more decadent, Queen Camilla’s “freshly cooked” treat is something that’s equally unfussy.

According to The Independent, Queen Camilla previously revealed during an interview with You magazine alongside her son, food critic and writer Tom Parker Bowles, that she’s a huge fan of good old fish and chips. So much so that in her opinion, you just “cannot beat” it if it’s done right.

Queen Camilla squeezes lemon on her haddock and chips while visiting Fish and Chips at 149, on July 23, 2013

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After revealing her love for beans on toast (always with Heinz beans), she added, “And freshly cooked fish and chips, wrapped in paper. That smell. You cannot beat proper fish and chips.”

Whilst some people might imagine that Queen Camilla would prefer her takeaway fish and chips on a beautiful plate, it seems she’s actually fond of getting them in the paper wrapping. Whether she always eats her “freshly cooked” fish and chips directly from the paper remains to be seen, but her remarks do suggest that she appreciates the traditional way of serving the dish.

It’s also intriguing to think that Queen Camilla’s treat takeaway is fish and chips done the “proper” traditional way, as her late mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth was said to have liked her fish cooked slightly differently.

King Charles and Queen Camilla are served fish and chips in Aberdaron during a visit to the Welsh Village on July 5, 2016

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As reported by The Mirror, in a YouTube video former royal chef Darren McGrady once shared how fish and chips was prepared for Queen Elizabeth. 

“Fish fried in all that crispy rich batter was a little bit too much for her, she preferred a more refined fish and chips,” he claimed.

Instead, she allegedly liked her fish bread-crumbed and baked and Darren used to serve it with a stack of neat, rectangular chips and tarragon Hollandaise sauce rather than tartar sauce. It’s been suggested that occasionally Queen Elizabeth would have takeaway fish and chips when she was staying at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, though who knows if she liked them to come wrapped in paper like Queen Camilla.

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Meanwhile, her daughter Princess Anne used to enjoy fish and chips from a chip shop when she was a teenager. Speaking in the documentary, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, her school friend, The Honourable Sandra de Laszlo explained that they actually used to “break out” of school to go down to the chip shop.

Sandra admitted, “There was a really lovely security officer and we did lead him a bit of a dance. It was rather fun to break out of school and go to the fish and chip shop. And trying to escape this loyal detective who was supposed to be looking after her and umm, anyway, we did that a few times.”

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