Princess Diana's 'tomboy' bridesmaid admits she was 'alarmed' by 'frilly' dress

India Hicks was a bridesmaid in Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles when she was 13 years old

Princess Diana's bridesmaid says she was 'alarmed' by dress
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A bridesmaid at Princess Diana's wedding has admitted that she was 'alarmed' by the design of her dress for the iconic occasion. 

Princess Diana's bridesmaid has admitted she was "alarmed" by the dress she had to wear at the late royal's wedding over 40 years ago. 

India Hicks, the goddaughter of Prince Charles and second cousin to the late Prince Philip, has opened up about her experience shadowing the beloved Princess of Wales during her July 1981 nuptials. 

The British designer was just 13 years old when she was invited to be one of Diana's five bridesmaids—a duty that called for a slightly more feminine look than she was used to. 

Speaking to Insider, India shared her candid thoughts on the fashion of the bridal party—and why she was mildly panicked by her appointed outfit. 

India Hicks

India Hicks in 2017 

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"It was a time and place and a moment in fashion in the 1980s. So it was voluptuous and over the top, and drama everywhere," she said. The bridesmaids' gowns were created to compliment Princess Diana's iconic wedding dress, echoing the royal's puffy sleeves and lace-trimmed skirts. The girls' tresses were worn loose and adorned with vibrant flower crowns—a look India has previously called one of her "worst hair days ever." 

Princess Diana's bridesmaids

India Hicks, second from left, at Princess Diana's wedding 

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Unfortunately, the OTT style wasn't everybody's cup of tea. India, who recently married for the first time at 54, has now recalled her nervous reaction to the idea of wearing the cream-colored garment in front of an audience of millions. 

"I understand that those dresses were so befitting to the era. However, if you were a tomboy like me... when you are asked to be a bridesmaid, you are proud and delighted, but you are a little alarmed at being asked to wear a frilly dress, as you can imagine," she admitted. 

Princess Diana wedding

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India quickly got over her apprehension, however, knowing full well the significance of the "historical" event. Little did she know on the day, the celebratory occasion would mark the beginning of the end for Princess Diana and Prince Charles' relationship. The couple's marriage was notoriously wrought with conflict and infidelity, which ultimately led to them separating in 1992.  

"I think at the time, everybody thought it was this fairytale—nobody understood what was to come," India added. 

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