Princess Anne wears comfy walking boots as she admires penguins on the Falkland Islands

Princess Anne traveled to the Falkland Islands with her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, on the 40th anniversary of the 1982 conflict

Princess Anne wears comfy walking boots as she admires penguins on the Falkland Islands
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Princess Anne nailed cold-weather fashion as she met penguins on the Falkland Islands last week, rocking a pair of comfy walking shoes with a navy blue beanie for the outdoorsy engagement. 

Princess Anne embraced practicality during her recent visit to the Falkland Islands, wearing a pair of sturdy boots to keep her extremities toasty amid the cold temperatures. 

The 72-year-old and her husband, Sir Tim Laurence, traveled to the South Atlantic archipelago last week to meet with local officials, interact with the community and visit conservation sites. The trip falls on the 40th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands War, an undeclared war in which British and Argentine forces battled for 10 weeks to gain control of the tiny isles. While Argentina surrendered, tensions over the rightful owner of the archipelago remain to this day. 

Princess Anne

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On the fifth and final day of her visit, Princess Anne unveiled a plaque to mark Stanley's new City status, which it was granted as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. 

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The special ceremony came one day after Princess Anne and Sir Tim Laurence's visit to the Bleaker Island Nature Reserve, a stunning island located about half an hour's flight from Stanley. The couple was greeted by an adorable colony of Gentoo Penguins and Magellanic Penguins on arrival, much to the delight of royal fans. 

"Love Princess Anne. The Falkland Islands look stunning," one impressed fan wrote on the Royal Family's official Twitter post. 

Always one to dress suitably for the occasion, Princess Anne wore a furry khaki coat, matching green trousers, and a navy beanie hat as she admired the sweet birds. She also kept comfortable in brown leather walking boots with laces - her pick of the best hiking boots for navigating the island's rocky terrain. Princess Anne's snazzy sunglasses made an appearance too, shielding the royal's eyes from the blinding Argentine sun as she braved the chilly temperatures. 

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