Princess Anne hails Queen's 'example' and 'remarkable skill' in never-before-seen interview

The Princess Royal opened up about the late Queen Elizabeth II's leadership in a newly released interview at Gatcombe Park

Princess Anne hails Queen's 'example' and 'remarkable skill' in new interview
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Princess Anne has hailed Queen Elizabeth II's 'remarkable skill' in a newly released interview, adding that her late mother 'led by example' as Britain's longest-serving monarch. 

Princess Anne has spoken fondly of Queen Elizabeth II in a never-before-seen interview, hailing her leadership skills as 'remarkable' and sharing insights into how the late monarch prepared her four children for a life of royal service. 

Queen Elizabeth II died aged 96 at Balmoral Castle on Thursday, September 8, after battling ongoing health issues for nearly a year. Her eldest son, King Charles III, has succeeded her, having been formally proclaimed the new monarch at the Ascension Council on September 10. 

Queen Elizabeth II's death has led to an outpouring of grief in both the UK and across the Commonwealth, as well as a flood of heartfelt tributes from both members of the public and the Royal Family. It has also seen Prince William and Kate Middleton joined by Harry and Meghan at Windsor Castle to greet well-wishers, marking the two estranged couples' first reunion since the Platinum Jubilee in June. 

As the Royal Family pauses in mourning until seven days after Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, the media has continued to honor the memory of Britain's longest-serving monarch. ITV has now released never-before-seen footage of an interview with Princess Anne, which was recorded over five years ago at her home of Gatcombe Park

Queen and Princess Anne

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Speaking candidly about her beloved mother, the 72-year-old detailed the 'remarkable skill' the Queen had always held. 

"People don’t change that much, but they recognize those people whose commitment has been constant, and they know that those standards are not changing," Princess Anne said. 

"I think that’s a remarkable skill to know what the true values are, and stick with those, not worry too much about the things, the fashions, the things that come and go, and to understand what the bedrock of society is and what makes it tick, and people’s relationships, which are fundamentally important." 

Princess Anne went on to commend Queen Elizabeth II's "belief in values of behavior towards each other", adding that "her example" has been "key" to helping people to have "confidence for the future." 

The Princess Royal also shared how her mother, who became Queen in 1952 at the age of 25 after her father, King George VI, died unexpectedly, prepared her for life as a full-time working royal. According to the British equestrian, most of the training to serve the Crown involved 'watching and learning', rather than structured lessons. 

"If you had a question that was specific, and that was true of some events, that would certainly be necessary, but it was about getting the experience and going to the right places and following on and keeping your eyes and ears open to learn how to do it," she explained. 

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